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Autodesk please allow obj import to fusion! heres why.

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04-10-2013 08:44 PM



I would like to have some obj or stl import functionality built into fusion 360. Not editble meshes, just import as a layer to use as a refrence to build cad parts over. Then have the option to export the cad parts as a triangulated mesh with different levels of tessalation.


I use 3ds max and maya extensively to create mechanical models for animations. I also use fusion to model very complex parts that would otherwise be almost impossible or extremely time consuming to model in a traditional modeling package like maya or 3ds max. I really like maya but I love fusion because I can model up parts very quickly to have them rendered. With fusion there really isnt a limit as to how complex I can make a part because all the tools are there. I can boolean the heck out of something and then add some crazy fillets to make everything look real nice and smooth. Why cant mechanical modelers who use maya get a piece of that???


Imagine how much more belibale the robots from transformers movie would have been had the designers had fusion to make models.  It would be really easy and fun to  model up a sci fi tank in maya and then import the mesh as a layer in fusion and then use fusion to add some extra fine details to finish it up.



Ive already been using a similar workflow but it involves alot of plugins and lot of switching back and forth between 3ds max, npower, fusion, and maya.  Hoping I can just use maya and this new fusion 360. That would really give a whole new meaning to 360 in Fusion 360


Heres some examples of the work created using my old workflow.























I used 3ds max to create my basic cad geometry with the npower plugin. I then exported the cad model as a step file into fusion where I add the booleans and fillets. I then export it back to 3ds max where my "assembly" is. 


Sorry, not really one for words but I hope my point is clear as to why it would be nice to incorprate some mesh support in fusion. basically to just use a mesh as a 3d guide for creating cad parts. 


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Re: Autodesk please allow obj import to fusion! heres why.

04-12-2013 01:44 PM in reply to: crfuentes

your work is freaking amazing. truly amazing stuff there, i'm completely in awe.


Autodesk product guys - please do as has been requested here so we can see what is possible for Fusion 360 with these models!



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Re: Autodesk please allow obj import to fusion! heres why.

04-19-2013 11:34 AM in reply to: crfuentes

I just wanted to share a link to an ideastation post about this topic.


Kudos improve the chance that a given feature will be implemented. I went ahead put a kudos on this suggestion.


Thanks for sharing. Awesome work!



Nathan Chandler

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Re: Autodesk please allow obj import to fusion! heres why.

05-14-2013 09:46 AM in reply to: crfuentes

Truly cool stuff you are working on.


We have talked a lot about being able to import mesh data into Fusion 360 and see a lot of value in doing it.


We have heard this a bit lately from a number of different Fusion 360 users. We just had several Fusion 360 users in the Portland office last week and they were asking for the same thing (import the mesh data and use it as a reference to start with). We are looking at bumping the priority up on this due to feedback from all of you and hope to provide this as soon as we can. 


Thanks for the great eye candy and keep us posted with other things that would help you out.




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Re: Autodesk please allow obj import to fusion! heres why.

05-30-2013 01:34 PM in reply to: garin

Just wanted to 2nd the notion of allowing fusion 360 to import obj.  I currently work in Maya as well, and would very much like to import this data.  At the moment I'd like to import any variation/file type of my polygonal models into Fusion from Maya, but I'm not having any luck, even with attempts at converting my polygons to nurbs to export as IGES.  And I haven't found .STEP export within maya - I've turned on all of my plug-ins, so not sure what to do in order to get some form (non-editable is fine) of my Maya model into Fusion 360.


I would greatly appreciate any help out there. 





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Re: Autodesk please allow obj import to fusion! heres why.

06-03-2013 09:02 PM in reply to: 5724114B

I am actually surprised that you do not even consider importing OB from the start.


T-Splines in Rhino as Fusion is a great idea but extremely slow compared to pure polygonal subsurface modeler when you sculpt products.


So for me OBJ import is a simple must. I build the mesh in a different application where I can simulate trims and booleans and when the design is ready I import it into Rhino to generate the NURBS mesh and finish the NURBS surface (filets trims etc).


While I would prefer a more one application approach it simply is for me a better solution to work in each application with the tool it currently does best.

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Re: Autodesk please allow obj import to fusion! heres why.

06-04-2013 10:06 AM in reply to: cekuhnen

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that, for feature requests, please add input via the IdeaStation. This will help us keep track of the interest around this, and more discussion will make it more likely to get implemented.


This topic is posted here:


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