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Windows Vista Fisheye Issue v5.7 (2009 help?)

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04-04-2012 06:04 AM
After trying to contact Stitcher Customer support directly with no response from for over a month I was directed by a Laurent Lauper to post my issue here. I hope someone at AD will read this and help me with some answers:

I received this link were you can post your issue.

Best regards,

Laurent Lauper
Autodesk Business Center

Original Request:
Please help:

I currently use Stitcher Unlimited 5.7.1 (build 22126) on my Windows XP desktop computer with no problems.

I also have it installed on my Windows Vista Laptop computer (4GB Ram) and this is where I have the following problem(s):

1) When stitching full frame fisheye images thumbnails are visible and the program stitches OK, but will not display the stitched image or the small live preview at all. I’ve tried everything I know how to make it visible, but it won’t. FYI: non-fisheye images do appear just fine as they are supposed to.

2) Is it a Windows Vista issue?

3) A graphics card issue?

4) When Stitcher 2009 came out a few years ago I downloaded the trial version it, but never really tried it out. Now I would like to try a trial version again to see if that would fix the problem. I’ve tried to totally eliminate any signs of Stitcher 2009 off the Vista computer and try to download the trial again, but it won’t let me and asks for activation to continue. Can that be fixed on your end to allow me to try Stitcher 2009 again?

5) Is there any plans to update Stitcher 2009 at all? It seems that since it was purchased from Realviz that now it’s an orphan program.


Jon Eady
Denver CO