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SMOKE 2012 won't start

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05-20-2012 08:18 PM
i got this message "Please ensure that your license server is running and configured with a valid license.
You can also select a remote network license server (see next screen)."

If i use the License Server Configurator the Server Status is Stopped. If I click start, after a long pause i get:
"Unable to start the license server."

Service Monitor gives a similar result. Every Status is green, exept for License Server (ADLM) which has a red status circle.

Had this problem before, and I solved it by changing the hostname to "" but it happened again after a week.
Hostname is still the same.

This is very frustrating. does anyone have an advice on this topic?
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Re: SMOKE 2012 won't start

05-21-2012 01:02 AM in reply to: pitt_1
Here is some help on license server issues.

copy and paste the following so that we can verify a few things -



the output of 'ifconfig' (run in terminal)