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Q: how to increase stitching accuracy? Control points?

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11-09-2010 08:57 AM

1. stitcher works well in 98% of the time with stitching but i have this current series of shots that stitcher is having problems with the stitching, which i assume is due to the reduced number of detail as well as the fact that i had to do the pano handheld, in lousy conditions.

2. with the above being said (however), there are enough data to manually stitch the images, but even when i do this, the accuracy of the stitch isn't as good as what autopano pro can do automatically (ie autopano pro has no problems at all stitching the entire pano automatically).

3. thus, i'm assuming that there must be some ability to increase the stitching accuracy of stitcher and if not, why?

thanks for the help. harry