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ANNOUNCEMENT: Autodesk(R) Creative Finishing 2012 Software RELEASE and AVAILABILITY

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04-08-2011 08:28 AM
Autodesk(R) Creative Finishing 2012 Software
We are pleased to announce that Autodesk(R) Creative Finishing 2012 software is now shipping.
Empower your finishing and visual effects workflow with the 2012 software releases of:

- Autodesk(R) Flame(R) Premium 2012
- Autodesk(R) Flame(R) 2012
- Autodesk(R) Flare(TM) 2012
- Autodesk(R) Smoke(R) 2012 for Mac OS(R) X
- Autodesk(R) Smoke(R) Advanced 2012
- Autodesk(R) Lustre(R) 2012
- Autodesk(R) Inferno(R) 2012
- Autodesk(R) Flint(R) 2012

This release is immediately available to you as an Autodesk Subscription customer.

Download the free trial* of Smoke 2012 software and explore the all-in-one editorial finishing solution for Mac(R):
Licensing and Installing your 2012 Product

Autodesk License and Services Agreement

As an eligible subscription customer, a license code for the 2012 version of your product will be sent to you via email.
For instructions on installing your license key, see the Installation and Configuration Guide for your application.

The Autodesk License and Services Agreement (available in several languages) appears upon initial start-up of the application.
You simply have to click "I Accept" if agreeing to all its terms.
Should you have any questions about this process, please contact customer support.

Installation Information
You must update all Linux(R) operating systems on your workstations to DKU 6.0.0 except for Autodesk Flare workstations which do not require a DKU.
The download link for the DKU is provided below.
Prior to installing the software, it is important that you consult the latest Release Notes, and Installation and Configuration Guide for information on installing the DKU and on platform compatibility.

Product Downloads and Installation Documentation

Installation Documentation:
- Release Notes and Fixed and Known Bugs:
- Smoke for Mac Installation and Licensing Guide:
- Creative Finishing Installation and Configuration Guide:
- Flare Installation Guide:
- Burn Installation and User Guide:
- Wiretap Central and Wiretap Gateway Installation Guide:

All Products (Except Autodesk Flare and Autodesk Smoke For Mac OS X) - Download the DKU

Autodesk Flame Premium 2012 Software

Autodesk Flame 2012 Software

Autodesk Flare 2012 Software

Autodesk Smoke Advanced 2012 Software

Autodesk Smoke 2012 Software For Mac OS X

Autodesk Lustre 2012 Software


Autodesk Flint 2012 Software

Autodesk Inferno 2012 Software

Autodesk(R) Backdraft(R) Conform Software

Autodesk(R) Burn(R) software
For use with Linux software:

For use with Smoke for Mac OS X:

Other Downloads

Installation and user guides for the following downloads can be found in your Creative Finishing products' documentation library.

Autodesk(R) SystemCentral software

Autodesk(R) Backburner(TM) software, Linux and Windows(R) operating systems packages


Autodesk Lustre Renderer

Autodesk(R) Lustre(R) Color Management software

Autodesk(R) WireTapCentral(TM) software

Mac OS X:

Autodesk(R) WireTap(R) Gateway software

Mac OS X (for use with Linux software):
Note: Wiretap Gateway software for use with Smoke for Mac OS X is included in the Smoke for Mac OS X disk image.

Autodesk Backburner



Autodesk Backburner MIO Adapter

Mac OS X:


All documentation for your product is now online and wiki-based.

The Autodesk Media and Entertainment Team