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A couple of questions

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11-16-2012 02:23 AM
Hey folks,

1) Is there a way to hide all axis icons in Action apart from selected ones? Even though they turn grey it's often very hard to see the selected one in big comps.

2) In HD text module how can I see the full picture? While postioning text I can't see the bottom of the picture on either the preview monitor or the broadcast monitor.

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Re: A couple of questions

11-16-2012 02:48 AM in reply to: HalloweenJack2

1) Yes, in the preferences menu of action, you will find the icons option. By default, it is set to ON. You can also turn it OFF but there is an option labelled SELECTED. I believe that is what you are after.

2) Unfortunately the text module is getting on (yes I know it needs a revamp in my opinion), so it shows the overlays on the broadcast monitor. The only solution I can think of is to zoom out if the screen to show the full frame.

Hope this help!

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Re: A couple of questions

11-16-2012 10:14 PM in reply to: HalloweenJack2
Much of the time I will select "hide all" to clean up all the axes, and then click the axis i'm working on and then "unhide" that one axis. You should also be able to change their color and size in prefs.

To see the full picture, you can always scroll downward in frame. If you are in connect fx, you can set a context to the output of the text module and flip back and forth as you adjust.
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Re: A couple of questions

11-19-2012 04:51 AM in reply to: HalloweenJack2
Ah yes, I've found that option.

Great, thanks guys. :smileyhappy:
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