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Space Battle Character Contest by Mixamo - $1000 + Unity3D Pro First Prize!

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03-12-2012 03:12 PM

Mixamo is excited to announce our second official character contest. The Mixamo Space Battle Character Contest. Choose one of the two sides below, create your character based off the three requirements and be as creative as possible! We know there are a lot of talented character artists out there and we have some awesome prizes this time around!

1st place: $1000 cash - Unity3D Pro License - 50 Mixamo Credits -Interview and Featured on Mixamo - Professional Rendering of Your Character
2nd place: $500 cash - Unity3D iOS or Android License - 30 Mixamo Credits - Interview on Mixamo
3rd place: $250 cash - 15 Mixamo Credits

Deadline : April 27th

Submission Process
1. Create your character (Choose one of the sides below, include the requirements and be as creative as possible)
2. Stick to the rules, under 40k tris!
3. Send three images to

Get all the details here:



Sworn defenders of the Galactic Nations. These super soldiers are cybernetically enhanced, gifts granted to them by the power source Heluim3. Because of these man made super powers they are only dispatched in the most dire of situations. Now an attack on the one of the largest heluim3 mining outposts in the system has forced the hand of the Galatic Nations and the Vanguard has been sent in.

-Super Soldier
-Cybernetic Super Power



These femme fatales descend from the Eridanus Supervoid, a dark matterless sector of deepspace and ransack mining outposts for Helium3, equipment and machinery. Because of their harsh living conditions they often have artificial limbs and support themselves on whatever they can steal. They've just begun an attack one the of the largest Helium3 outposts in the system, if they can make it out alive they will live like queens!

-Space Pirate
-Artificial Limb
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Re: Space Battle Character Contest by Mixamo - $1000 + Unity3D Pro First Prize!

04-16-2012 03:45 PM in reply to: Mixamo3dAnimation
12 days remaining on this contest folks don't miss out on these prizes!

On a site note be sure to check out the new Animation Store in Autodesk 3ds Max 2013!
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