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Clan Based PvP and PvE Hack n' Slash Instant Action Balanced MMORPG Looking for More Team Members

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04-12-2010 03:03 PM
Basic Kingdom is a free to play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game).


If you agree to work it would be for free.

We would prefer:
+1-2 programmers
+1-3 animators
+1 or more 2D SFX
+1 or more 3D SFX
+1-3 modelers
+1-2 texture artists
+1 2D GUI artist
+1 or more audio producers

Additional contribution of anything else is welcomed as well, and will earn you a spot in the credits.

Basic Kingdom is a free to play mmorpg, quite different then the rest. The features include:
-instant action combat
-hack n’ slash player skill wins battles
-clan vs clan pvp
-build and destroy settlements, towns etc.
-simple graphics allowing long range of sight and many object on screen
-simple gameplay mechanics hopefully allowing bug-free, easy to learn, and basic gameplay
-totally customizable characters (no class select)
-First release with 6 playable races, races are balanced
-world made of various themed environments (forests, deserts, etc.)
-no instances, dungeons are part of the world
-wrapped map, flying off in one direction will eventually lead you bad to where you started
-summon creatures
-bring pets
-leveling up makes very little difference, skill based combat (fights are won with player skill, not numbers)
-block, dodge, deflect, etc. win with fast reaction time, timing, strategy, good aim, reflexes, etc. (competitive gamer’s paradise :smileytongue:)
-balanced among everyone, players earn levels, items and spells to further customize, not to become stronger (player skill over character progression)
-build your clan buildings ANYWHERE
-roaming boss monsters roam the whole world, attacking anything, cities, players, npc’s, player made buildings, npc cities, even other boss monsters

There’s probably more major features i forgot to include. But the gameplay is very similar to an old console hack-n’-slash game. It’s a rather unique idea. Also, we intend to have basic gameplay and graphics to allow ease, speed, and better game performance. The game is being programmed in JavaScript.

Currently we have over 10 team members. At least 1 for all the main roles. (Programmer, modeler, animator, texture, etc.) Even if your not fully experienced, you can contribute anything you make (we have a requests list on our development site) and there's always a chance we'll use it. The game is rather basic, but also refreshing, so our standards for things like graphics, audio, etc. aren't very high, as we primarily focus on actual gameplay, not pretty effects.

If your interested in helping or contributing, but don’t want to be committed, you can simply be on our off-team as an additional contributor. You can contribute anything you have to offer, when ever you want to. If you’d like, we will occasionally make requests. If we decide to use anything you offer, we will add your name to the credits list.

Thanks for considering :).

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