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A good quick feature to add that makes for better user experience and model development speed is to add model parameters and user parameters to the dimensions.  This is present in Inventor but not Fusion.  I use it a lot and miss it now that I am a Fudion 360 user.

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I would like to create a circle that is tangent to another circle(s)  I used to do this in AutoCAD, and I would love to have that ability in F360. 


Thank you for your consideration. 

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It would be nice if the camera did a better job of moving to a feature you are editing if it was moved after original creation.


It would be nice if a Fit command was called when you click on the face normal to you on the view cube.


See video for both examples: https://screencast.autodesk.com/main/details/0fbb945c-c630-4c02-bd81-ff436dbc301f

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Just installed Fusion 360, and had a heck of a time getting the password created.  I use a password generator to create unique 20-character random passwords for each site/application, so it's easy for typos.  Every other application I use allows pasting a password in from this application, so why did you make the explict choice to disable pasting passwords into the dialog box?  Please reverse design choice and allow passwords to be pasted in to encourage the use of strong passwords.

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I may have missed something, but I do not seem able to map a decal (or material pattern) in a consistent way across multiple faces. I would like to be able to do this for my following project. There are a number of situations where this ability would be desirable.


Currently, the material pattern / decal is confined to indivdual faces. At the moment, I have compromised by tiling the pattern, but it's not really the effect I wanted.





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Sketch based hole pattern or in other words the ability to locate multiple identical holes on sketch points or references with the hole menu open.



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I use construction lines a lot which is what everybody should do, but when the grid is on and my construction lines are over top of grid lines, I can't see them without mousing over them.  I sugegst making constructions lines orange or something so they show up better.

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I've posted several of these on being endlessly annoyed by the inability to just pick one or more components and export them into a STEP file and the nuisance of having to go through the cloud for basic functionality that seems like it shouldn’t require it but just to lob another one out there, «save copy as» currently uploads to the cloud and then (maybe?) re-downloads so it’s not just polluting the dashboard with lots of nearly indistinguishable designs but it also slows things down quite a bit which can be very frustrating.


It'd be so great just to be able to have this stuff work in the local filesystem and slowly sync to cloud storage in the background rather than constantly getting in the user's way.


Capture d’écran 2014-12-27 à 10.58.48.png

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The subject says it all I think :-)

I think all files and folder structures should map to a local setup (to emulate a dropbox like experience of always having your data available on your local computer).

So that if I'm somewhere without an internet connection, I should be able to work on anything I've created.

If I'm working on different computers it should start syncing the data (downloading it locally) to get a new setup there (it could do this in the priority of last used designs)


I'm thinking about this from a single user perspective, so maybe one needs to take into consideration of how this would work for shared designs in a different way. Possibly have an option, so that it would not clogg your internet connection if you are working on several huge designs ?


Best regards,




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Currently there's no way to insert comments/opstops into the cam setups.  I find this quite useful for things like changing hold down locations.

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I use the parameters definitions A LOT in my modeling.  Currently, whenever the parameters window is opened, the full tree is expanded by default.  This is an annoyance when you have a larger model because you have to keep collapsing the model parameters or scroll past them to get to the model parameters to create new ones or edit old ones.  Not a big deal functionally, but it is a human annoyance factor.

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It would be awesome if you could save stock as machined from a previos setup and apply it to a new setup.

For example if setup 1 machined the bottom of a part and then setup 2 machined the top of the part it would be great if you could simulate setup 1 with stock checked and removed and then apply that stock to setup 2 so you can see how the two machining operations tie together.


It would also be awesome if you could render your machined stock to get a better idea of visual surface finish.

Perhaps in the simulate window have an option to convert the machined stock to a solid body or probably even better a whole new component that you could then take into render to play with.



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When woring in an assembly that contains components and selecting and moving stuf using the viewport it is very easy to move a body within a component and that is usually not what you want!

To avoid this you can go into the slection filters and turn the Bodies selection filters off, so then when you sleect geometry in the vieport you really slecting a component and not a body. I bet this confuses many users coming from traditional mechanical engineeering softwares e.g. Solid Works, Solid Edge, Geomaic Design ad can lead to quite some frustration.


Here is a screencast that hopefully explains that a bit better.  

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Through out this semester we encountered various problems


Failure of the internet (often)


Failure of the Autodesk sever system (hardly)


This made it actully sometimes impossible to work with Fusion because of how it relies on the internet and cloud.



Google Drive allows users to pin a document to be stored on the mobile device and I think something like this might

be a good idea to consider for Fusion as well.























I am not so convinced about the current offline mode simply because only maybe what I have opened on the particular machine might be cashed locally.

You really do not want users to have to open pre-cache and hope the files are really ready for offline.



Online Files:

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.02.23 PM.png


Offline Cash:

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.02.31 PM.png

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There should be more obvious highlighting in the browser for component activation.  It should always be very clear to a user when a component is activated. I think the basic problem is that the radio button is not visible unless you have moused over the component in the browser- if that, or a check mark, were located to the left of the component name, and always visible if active, it would save confusion. 

This would particularly help those just coming to Fusion. Component activation is a frequent stumbling block, and there are no clear visual cues in the UI for this important status. Making the activation status more obvious- since some component is always activated- would help a good deal.



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Hi, guys,

I think that it would be nice to be able to make a Bezier corners on splines. It would be nice, if bezier handles on the left and on the right of the point could be moved independently.

I need it for creating logos.

Try making nike logo or an old adidas logo (3 leafs and stripes) e.g.

It is not possible to do it accurately with bezier point with constrained handles.

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as you can see LMB is great to select what is under your courser.

But the problem is the vertex points as well as edges are highlighted but I do not know to

which object (here the two cubes) each belongs to.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.41.55 AM.png


Thus I think it would be beneficial if Fusion can highlight the object I would select an element from

 Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.41.55 AM.png

Status: Accepted
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It would be great to have the abilty to create a new name for Parameters when placing a new Sketch Dimension. At the moment Fusion 360 records them as d1, d2, d3 etc. which is fine, but a lot of the time it makes things easier to have names, i.e. Length, Width, Height.


In Inventor you can name the Parameter, whilst creating and placing the sketch dimension, which saves a lot of time downstream. To do this you would type 'Length = 100' etc. Do this in Fusion 360, and it doesn't work.


Fusion Dimension Parameter Name.jpg

Status: Accepted
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The openGL based 3d viewport renderer is pretty decent and useful in Fusion while modeling/designing to get a rough idea about the look and feel.


The raytraced render engine however I am not so sure about.

It feels like a basic start of a render engine, and not like something I could use for serious work.


Here are the following tools I think really have to be part of the render engine to make it somewhat

well rounded and productive



1. emission material (mesh lights)

2. truly transparent (shadow free)



1. choose your own HDRI files

2. make use of the the render envs also in 3d modeling mode

( It is great that the render openGL envs are close to the raytraced envs, so it would be nice if while modeling I could get the same there as well for openGL previews.)



1. lens degree

2. dof

3. save camera position



1. allow border render so I do not waste cpu time on full screen rendering when not needed

2. render speed seems to be quite slow to be honest

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Offline Support

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by codefoster 2 weeks ago

As I understand it, Fusion 360 is going to push me to work through A360. It's obviously great to have A360 as a collaboration tool, but I would like the freedom to work on .f3d files locally too. I know it's possible to work in offline mode once you've opened a new design in A360, but I'm talking about just creating a new design while I'm disconnected, working on it separate from A360, and maintaining the option of adding it to an A360 project at some point if I so choose.

One of the big reasons as I saw mentioned in the forums is for when folks are working on private designs that they aren't comfortable adding to the A360 workspace. Primarily, however, it's just the feeling that I have the freedom to work on my own stuff and then add collaboration capabilities when I choose.

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