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View Attribute data?

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04-10-2008 04:44 PM
Is there a way to view attribute data that come with the dwf?
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Re: View Attribute data?

04-11-2008 08:31 AM in reply to: markus.briglmeir
That may come in a future release. Right now Project Freewheel is pretty
fast because it gets to skip all of the metadata in the DWF and just extract
the graphics. Would you like to see the metadata if the viewing were 10%
slower? What if it were 100% slower? Where is the cutoff? How much is the
attribute data worth to you?

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Is there a way to view attribute data that come with the dwf?
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Re: View Attribute data?

04-19-2008 11:27 AM in reply to: markus.briglmeir
I would say that the attribute data could be very important in some instances. Would it be possible to have a toggle where the metadata is ignored for better performance or included for greater relevancy with slower performance.

The other idea that comes to mind is to allow the creator to decide at the time of upload whether or not to include the metadata.

That being said, if those aren't possible, I don't think much more than a 10-15% slowdown would be considered acceptable. Since the original DWF could always be made available along with Design Review -- of course that is for Windows only -- that data can be accessed.
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