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DWF of DWG corrupt, DWF Page Order, Freewheel Server Refresh

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09-06-2010 11:10 AM

We have been experimenting with Freewheel since one of our customers expressed an interest in integrating it with their Inventor -design workflow. We have hit 3 issues, which would be nice to have answers to.


1) We Publish to DWF directly from Inventor (DWG and associated 3D Model) - then copy/FTP to the folder that Freewheel references - the issue we get is Autodesk Freewheel will display the message "Error Loading File - The file may be corrupted" this happens for the DWG-DWF only but the 3D model DWF behaves correctly. If we publish the drawing separately from Inventor (no 3D model) it displays correctly - any reason why this might be? 


2) We have created a Freewheel page on our website , it seems to in order to create a thumbnail image of the 3D model, the DWF must only contain a 3D model, or that it must reside on page 1 of the DWF. Is this correct?

 - Herein the problem lies  - when you publish from Inventor to DWF with a DWG and 3D Model, the Drawing always resides on Page 1. (Which is not a very nice looking Thumbnail) Then you have to manually open the DWG in Design Review, swap the pages around, save, upload. Is there a config file or xml that can be tweaked to change this output setting? - This might be aimed at the Inventor user group...


3) What is the refresh rate of the Freewheel server? i.e, when we update the DWF linked to Freewheel, when would we expect to see it update on our Freewheel page.


To see what we are up to please feel free to check out our page -


I look forward to any reponses, help or guidance.


Many Thanks, Dan

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Re: DWF of DWG corrupt, DWF Page Order, Freewheel Server Refresh

09-09-2010 03:13 PM in reply to: Studioworx

1) I am not sure why mixing 3D models and 2D sheets in the same DWF file is causing trouble. The DWF toolkit used by Freewheel should be the same one used by Inventor. I will say that the 3D data is binary and the 2D data is ASCII (XML). By any chance, when you FTP, have you issued a bin command before doing the mput?


2) You can use the page parameter to identify which sheet of the DWF you would like Freewheel to make a thumbnail of.


3) Freewheel keeps a copy of the DWF file on its own server until the cache header for the original file expires.


The detail behind this information is in an email from Ben Cochran to you. I am posting a summary here for other forum members.

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Re: DWF of DWG corrupt, DWF Page Order, Freewheel Server Refresh

09-06-2011 08:10 PM in reply to: Studioworx

For working out troubles with dwg data you can use recover dwg. It is able to view the results of restoring. The utility is compatible with all supported Windows OS. The tool is easy to use interface for any experienced users.

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