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centerpoint 3d orbit

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11-09-2007 07:05 AM
I have several dwf-files on my site.
Some drawings orbit real smooth other drawings orbit way out of screen.

My question is : what determines the centerpoint of the orbit.

I have been playing with different ucs-origins, with no result.

Kind regards,

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Re: centerpoint 3d orbit

11-12-2007 06:52 PM in reply to: martin
Hi Martin,

Not sure where you are trying to define the center point...before upload or after upload to Freewheel.

If after upload to Freewheel, click the Wheel button. Then Click and hold the Center wedge. The mouse pointer changes to the green dot Center Tool. (Note that the Center Tool only appears when the mouse pointer is over the object. When the tool is not over geometry, only the tool tip is displayed.) Move the Center Tool over the object until it is in the location you would like to set as the center of rotation.Release the mouse button. The view pans the newly defined center of rotation to the middle of the canvas.



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Re: centerpoint 3d orbit

11-12-2007 11:40 PM in reply to: martin
Hi Chris,

Thnx for your reply.

First i forgot to mention the URL ( don't mind the html it's embarrassing, i know)

Well coming to think of it, i am talking of both cases.

For the case after uploading to freewheel:
The dwf files are shown in a browser, the wheel button you mention is not available in the browserframe.

For the case before uploading to freewheel, i find it strange that the file 'Projecten'-->'23 woningen velderij' orbits smooth
while 'materialen'--> 'ijzerwaren'--> 'scharnier' orbits like a banana.

If i could choose i would like to predefine the centerpoint before upload, i think this is more userfriendly and is less handling for the 'normal' user. This doesn't mean that the wheel button doesn't come in handy.
The AutoCAD command 3dorbitctr does the trick in AutoCAD, but this doesn't influence the dwf-creation.

DWF files are created in AutoCAD Architecture 2008.

Kind regards,

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