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Using Label Styles

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08-23-2007 08:34 AM
I have been trying to use the "Label Styles" function to have available different views of a elementary school building. I actually am trying to set up four different views that use Space and Description. After importing the DWF the space number is imported at the same size for all spaces. For me that means the number for the gymnasium is the same size as the number for the custodial closet. Using the method described to select and edit the size and position of the number I can get a reasonably decent viewable & printable drawing. Unfortunately the font size cannot be different for various drawings in my project so a high school building with a sq ft of 250,000 must use the same scale as an elementary building with 75,000 sq ft. My main frustration however is that after tedious repair of the size of all the room numbers to fit the space, for some reason they do not remain changed. I have noticed several instances where I will leave the drawing, return later and find all my work changed. Can any one explain what is happening, what I am doing wrong, what I don't understand about these label styles??? Am I expecting too much of this function of FMD?
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Re: Using Label Styles

10-17-2007 06:08 AM in reply to: bobbyc42
Wow, I see that nobody has been answering posts on this board for a while. I'll remind my Autodesk colleagues to check in more often.

1. Yes, the label fonts are the same for all drawings. This has been an interesting issue that came up because the original authors and us old-time ADSKers approached this with different mindsets. Some of us assumed that multiple drawings would be at the same scale, so this would not be a problem. Others were used to doing "zoom to fit" and producing the DWF drawing. We never realized we were on different assumptions. So... if you create your DWF files to scale, the common font size is less of an issue. Apparently, this is not the way Facility Link works by default. We've talked about ways to fix this, but we're reluctant to make the user assign different label styles to each drawing and each report and so on... Imagine making changes or adding new reports if there were a 1:1 correspondence between label styles and each drawing. So for now, we think it is better to offer guidance on generating DWFs to scale.

2. Your label size adjustments and relocations should be the same from session to session. The fact that they are not seems to me to be a function of the configuration of your database, based upon a litle knowledge of where these settings are stored. If you are still seeing this behavior, post again with what database you are using and I'll get someone to explain it more.

Mark Evans

Mark Evans
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Re: Using Label Styles

11-29-2007 12:34 PM in reply to: bobbyc42
We have 35 floor plans in our system, all of varying sizes -- from 50,000 sf to a few cubicles in a rented space. Having one universal label size for all drawings has become a royal pain.

In addition, there are times when a label size of 2 is too small and a size of 4 is a bit too large. It seems I can't enter a 3 into the label size. Can the defaults be edited?
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