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Just finished a huge project

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08-11-2008 11:05 AM
Well, it's not specific to FMDesktop, but, it's a necessary building
block toward our implementation.

My campus did not have a unique identifier for every room on the campus
(although we do have numbers, etc in the public areas for wayfinding, of
course). And with something like 10,000 rooms, that's not a very nice
thing to be lacking.

We started this implementation in 2003, and I assigned numbers as I
could for one building at a time. Our maintenance staff has been
installing the tags and coming back to me with noted errors in our floor
plans, which has set us back some time (we don't normally do our own
floor plans, we have an architect, but, since they were so lacking, I've
spent months with my disto and a tape measure bringing them up to date).

BUT, I've finally walked the last square foot of this monstrous campus
and am ordering the last handful of door labels as we speak.

It is SUCH a relief to finally have this massive project complete and
out of the way so that I can continue moving on to more fun items, such
as my FMDesktop pilot.

Oh, and wish me luck on keeping the tags up to date as about 15% of our
campus is renovated every year.


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Re: Just finished a huge project

08-12-2008 02:31 AM in reply to: *Wanderer
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Re: Just finished a huge project

08-12-2008 05:52 AM in reply to: *Wanderer
thank you.

I'd appreciate it if someone would have a drink in my honor. :-)

robincapper wrote:
> Congrtulations!
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