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Facility Request - Install and Client

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08-13-2008 06:50 AM
I've installed Facility Request on an XP Pro SP2 running IIS for demo and training purposes. Apparently it doesn't run IIS 6.0. The install instructions don't let me know what I need to as to allowing asp pages to run.

Also, there's mention of a Client piece of the software but I must be overlooking it. Where do I find the client software?

Are there more instructions on installing it for XP Pro SP2 and on using it?

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Re: Facility Request - Install and Client

08-15-2008 06:13 AM in reply to: samcoburn
Woops! Windows XP Pro doesn't run IIS 4.0. Is this why the default page won't load?
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Re: Facility Request - Install and Client

08-20-2008 05:50 AM in reply to: samcoburn
There is no client software for Facility Request other than the web browser. The docs only mentions "client" to talk about licensing. If you run out of concurrent user sessions, you buy more Facility Request Clients -- meaning licenses/people, not software.

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Re: Facility Request - Install and Client

09-08-2008 08:43 AM in reply to: samcoburn
FR should run fine on IIS 6. My guess is that the permissions for your IIS client may be out of sync.

A couple of things to check just to make sure everything is working fine:

1. The System ODBC connection should be set up for the database (Access = back end database, SQL & Oracle = Middleware Access database) using the Microsoft Access Driver.
2. The conifigure.xml file should be pointing to the proper database via that same ODBC connection name.
3. The folder containing the Access database and the database itself should have Sharing and Security open to the IIS user (Internet User Guest Account).
4. The IIS folder (this is the Facility Request location) should be shared and open to security for the Internet User Guest Account.

You'll also just want to check the settings in IIS for the default page. You may also notice that based upon your IP settings, some folks need to use the default IP address (rather than the http://localhost/FacilityRequest/Default.asp setting). So, your best bet is to open Facility Request in IIS, go to the Default.asp file and right click to open it in a browser. Your IIS should resolve what works best for your system.

If you can get this approach to work, then you can start locking down some of the permissions, etc as you see fit.

Hope that helps,

Jon Luby
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