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Deleting drawings out of Facility Manager

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01-26-2007 12:35 PM
I have been working on putting a few of my own drawings into FM Desktop and have had good success. There are 2 drawings, however, that seem to have become corrupted and cause Facility Manager to lock up. I tried removing the dwf files out of the project directory, but this did not resolve the issue. How can I remove unwanted drawings from Facility Manager?

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Re: Deleting drawings out of Facility Manager

01-30-2007 02:17 PM in reply to: Tommyboy007
There is not a method to delete only the drawing. There are two approaches to solving this.

One, you can delete the floor. On the main page, click on the Facilities menu on the left. Then click on the Floors menu. This will launch a dialog to browse the floor records. Find the floor with the bad drawing and delete that floor record. It will take the drawing with it.

Second approach, import a new drawing to the same floor. It will overwrite the prior drawing for that floor.

If you still have drawing lock-ups with DWF files that open in the plain DWF Viewer, log a support case for some one-on-one debugging.

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