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BIM based Facilities Management Program

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10-01-2012 03:30 AM

Dear Members,


I need to execute a BIM based Facility management program, the scope covered in the prgram is as follows:


Provide a complete BIM based Facilities Management Program.  I shall get a BIM model for architectural, structural and services components from the respective consultants and update the model and add data to it based on the commissioning carried out. Provide a link to the BIM model to as-built drawings, equipment information (final submittals and data sheets), commissioning test sheets, operations and maintenance manuals, parts lists, service contracts, warranty certificates,
maintenance schedules, etc. I shall provide the final BIM model to
the Owner's Facilities Management Staff, fully instruct them in its' use and
provide support for the initial implementation of the program. I shall add to the Commissioning sections of the specifications and other
sections as related, all contractor requirements necessary to complete the BIM
Facility Management Program. I shall manage an on-line wed site
provided by the Owner to organize and maintain all documents related to the BIM
Facility Management Program.



Please let me know if the same is possible using Autodesk FMDesktop for the same.


Looking forward for your responses & thenaks for your help in advance 


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Re: BIM based Facilities Management Program

02-11-2013 02:41 PM in reply to: mihirsave

This is a little self serving, but you should check out EvolveFM.  hit and take a look. Our team did the original development of FMDesktop. When Autodesk buried it we decided to go with Plan B, which is EvolveFM. We think we have an BIM friendly a CAFM solution as you are likely to find.

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Re: BIM based Facilities Management Program

03-20-2013 07:14 AM in reply to: mihirsave

As Dusty Smith mentioned, FMDesktop is no longer being developed, so you'll need to explore other products.


As an owner, I know that we will never have all of the data contained within the model like that, it's just not the way that our work flows.


Our CMMS will be the central contact point, drawing in data from drawings, models and other documentation (yes, I still include drawings in there, it will be another few years before we've got enough projects done with Revit to stop mentioning all of the AutoCAD content we're still depending on).


It sounds like you're helping your client select a CAFM vendor and I'm curious how that is being approached. Because, depending upon how they use their data post-occupany will depend up on how you need to prepare the model and the data prior to turnover.


When selecting a product, my healthcare system got the main stakeholders into one room for regular meetings over a two year timespan. We created a matrix listing all of the primary factors each of us considered essential to our own work. We then had the vendors we'd each spoken to come in and present to the group. The group checked off the capabilities on the matrix and ranked each vendor for their overall capability.


Then, with the top 3, we called up their existing customers and asked how they were using the software, how long, etc.


AFTER the software was selected, now we can go to our campus planning initiative and say what system the models need to go into and they'll work with that from there by establishing Key fields, etc.

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