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Re: Demand for Web Application Development?

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07-10-2006 05:07 PM
A no-install viewer is in progress [1] noting I consider what is occurring
(in this context) to be crippleware that functions as a trojan horse
"feature." You can read my comments using the subject "DWF Freedom and
Independence" in pn.cadmanager or news://alt.cad.autocad noting I have no
respect for corporate slime that would compare its underhanded business
policies with the noble aspirations and the sacrifices of the many fortunes
and lives that were lost to establish freedom and liberty in the former
United States of America.

<%= Clinton Gallagher

[1] DWF Freedom and Independence (Hardy Har Har)

"melanie stone" wrote in message
i'm not sure I understand your angle? application for what?

asset management (databases with querying?)
facilities management (work order system or building automation system?)
space/lease management (plans with plines linked to other document types?)
all of the above in a building information model?

so, I suppose those are both questions and answers.
I do like what is mentioned by Scott in the fmdesktop forum here... no
install viewer. that would be a must for most fm apps.

"clintonG" wrote in message
Is there a demand for FM web application development these days and if so
what's on the wish list?
<%= Clinton Gallagher
NET csgallagher AT
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