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Linked Drawings in Archibus NOT in the project path

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05-08-2009 05:09 AM

(I hope this makes sense)

Besides the drawing list in archibus, is there ANY way (table, report, view, etc) I can see drawings still linked to the database that may have been deleted and removed from the project path but STILL have assets (entity handles, space hierarchy values, etc) in archibus?

The problem we are having is with our publishing. The publishing routine is still looking for drawings that we THINK have been deleted and/or removed from the project path, but for some reason are still trying to publish.

I have already checked our publishing routine and am pretty sure it's not looking in other locations for drawings to publish.

I know this is mainly a FM Desktop forum, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,
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Re: Linked Drawings in Archibus NOT in the project path

01-07-2010 12:12 PM in reply to: tmg1978
Each asset table has DWGNAME & EHANDLE fields that are used for knowing what entity in what drawing the asset record is linked to. When an asset is Uncatalogued from within the drawing, then these fields are set to NULL. If the drawing is just deleted or renamed these fields are not touched hence the reference to the (now) old drawing will linger.
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Re: Linked Drawings in Archibus NOT in the project path

10-19-2011 06:19 PM in reply to: bob

If you want to really clean up your files, one way to do this is used windows grep on your files that are in the right location, export the results.  Export the afm_dwg view to excel.  And compare the two files either by using Beyond Compare or an excel formula =if(Col1=Col2, "", "WRONG")

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