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Re: Building Systems for FM?

06-29-2005 05:21 PM in reply to: *melanie stone
Revit, ADT and ABS all support export of 3d objects to DWF.
ADT & ABS export all (or selected) object property set data so if you have any extended data that goes too.

Revit does the same but I haven't figured out how to control what Revit exports.

Eg: ADT or ABS allow you to create a list of property sets to export. Even if others are there they will be ignored if not in the list. Quite good for ABS users to filter out the ADT property info they don't require. ADT/ABS also have the choice to group objects by xref or not in the resulting "tree"

In a DWF all that property data is stored as XML so there is potential for other XML aware app's to use it also.
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Re: Building Systems for FM?

03-28-2006 07:24 AM in reply to: *melanie stone
Alright, so, Revit Systems now has it's own forum! Let the speculation begin...

I've heard that the revit demo could be used as a standalone viewer? is this true? can I have someone install on their machines so they can just look at the files?
(going back to the thought that I don't want duplicate files/filetypes for every dwg err... rvt? file i'd be working on)
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