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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

12-21-2005 04:16 PM in reply to: Kevin_Van
I just finished the FM:smileyfrustrated:ystem's demo - very impressive, especially the web interface that uses DWFs to do on-the-fly queries. The Autocad side (base xrefs w/ polyline & block links to the database) looks the same as Archibus. I'm seeing the real planning involves what DB objects get put in what xref to share data among multiple users.
Last week, we had an all-to-quick 1 hour demo of Archibus 15, so I don't know all the Archibus features to compare it to FM:smileyfrustrated:ystems fairly. Can anyone with experience with both packages offer an opinion on their publishing, reporting & querying capabilities.

Also to Bill J; I'd like to followup with your offer. How can we talk?

Thanks again for any & all help.
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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

12-22-2005 05:12 AM in reply to: Kevin_Van

The CAFM community is a tight one. Based on the information in my first email to you, there are a number of people in this discussion group that know who I am, including Archibus and FM:smileyfrustrated:ystems employees. Through this post, I am requesting them to pass on my contact info to you directly. I expect you will be getting it from them sometime today.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

12-27-2005 06:22 AM in reply to: Kevin_Van
According to Applied Spatial's website, Autodesk acquired FMDesktop. It will be interesting to see what Autodesk does with FMDesktop.
*melanie stone
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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

01-03-2006 06:04 AM in reply to: Kevin_Van
:shock: aaaaah... "Autodesk is confident that FMDesktop
is the right product with the right vision for our customers," said Jay
Bhatt, vice president, Building Solutions Division, Autodesk. "We are
committed to the facilities management market and will continue to develop
new products and services to help space planners and facility managers
realize their ideas."
As part of the acquisition agreement, Autodesk plans to support FMDesktop
customers and honor existing subscription agreements. Both Bob Fahlin and
Dusty Smith will be joining the Autodesk Building Solutions Division team as
part of the acquisition of FMDesktop.

Bob will continue to be heavily involved in the design and enhancement of
both current and future Autodesk Facility solution offerings.

Dusty will join Autodesk in sales and marketing development activities that
will engage, expose and educate the Autodesk user community about the
features, functions and uses for FMDesktop and future FM centric Autodesk
technologies. FAQ's on the acquisition

wrote in message
According to Applied Spatial's website, Autodesk acquired FMDesktop. It will
be interesting to see what Autodesk does with FMDesktop.

Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

01-03-2006 06:10 AM in reply to: Kevin_Van
Take a look at FM Desktop
Autodesk just acquired them.


wrote in message
Hello all.
I'm new to the FM world but have lots of experience with Autocad.
Where I recently started to work, we have Archibus v12. We are at a
crossroads as to whether to upgrade to Archibus v15 or move to FM:smileyfrustrated:ystems.
Important features include interaction with Autocad, ability to customize
the software to our needs, asset management & reporting.
Anyone & all opinions are appreciated.
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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

01-05-2006 02:26 PM in reply to: Kevin_Van
Full disclosure here. My name is Shaun Bryant and I am an independent consultant based in the UK. I have a high degree of experience with ARCHIBUS/FM and FM Desktop and I am an Autodesk Approved Instructor up to AutoCAD 2006. I also train on ARCHIBUS and FM Desktop.

Looking at your situation, you have a number of things to consider: -

-Existing legacy information
-Management level "buy-in"

If you have a suitable budget, stick with ARCHIBUS/FM. All of your legacy info will be OK and retraining will be minimal. The asset management in ARCHIBUS is excellent. However, FM Desktop is also a very capable solution if budget constraints become apparent. FM Desktop is very customisable, has a superb open AutoCAD methodology and utilises Autodesk DWF technology. FM Desktop has also recently been acquired by Autodesk which I think can only be a step in the right direction.

ARCHIBUS offers a method forward which allows usage of your legacy information with minimal training but there could be cost implications. FM Desktop now offers a fully Autodesk'ed solution which is simple and effective and inexpensive but will require some training. My personal view would be to get demos of both products (or install eval versions) and get some hands-on time on both products. You will probably like the look of the FM Desktop front end technology (very Outlook!) compared to the slightly dated look of the ARCHIBUS windows client application but do not let this influence your decision. Each application has its own merits and pitfalls and you need to measure each product against your needs and requirements.

Also, remember that it's not your money you will be spending so make sure you get management "buy-in" for whichever product you choose!

I hope my humble opinions help you make a decision and if you need any further help, please pop me an email on


Shaun Bryant
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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

01-19-2006 11:15 AM in reply to: Kevin_Van
Hi Kevin,

We at FacilityNow, inc. have worked with Archibus extensively in the past, as well as Facilitycenter, vision FM and others. # years ago we stumbled upon FM Desktop. We were blown away by it's cost, ease of use and features. The man behind FM Desktop, Bob Fahlin, used to be a Facility manager, not just a programmer, so he 'get's it" when it comes to the needs of FMs. Our support of the product was validated recently by Autodesks purchase of FM Desktop. I felt FMD was the best CAFM product on the market before the acquisition, and Firmly expect it to only get Better and will before long, be "the" FM product on the market to have. If you've not seen it or played with it, i highly recommend you do so before putting more time and money into Archibus.

Good luck
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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

01-19-2006 01:10 PM in reply to: Kevin_Van

I have to admit that I do think that FMDesktop is an excellent piece of software and with the Autodesk acquisition I think it will soon be giving the big FM boys a run for their money. However, products such as ARCHIBUS/FM are still very good in an enterprise environment because their processes are very rigid and remain so for each user. All the same though, I do know Bob Fahlin and his FM expertise is second to none and his loyalties will always be to the FM managers out there. So when it comes to FMDesktop, I say, watch this space, good things will happen!
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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

02-05-2006 09:00 AM in reply to: Kevin_Van
Thanks everyone for all the opinions and help. Our evaluation is continuing. I'm assembling a spreadsheet of the strengths/weaknesses as it relates to each products features. This will help the decision making process. The difficulty has been getting the facts for apples to apples comparison.

One very important feature that I'm getting conflicting information on is each product's web interface - Archibus WebCenter & FM:smileyfrustrated:ystem's FM:Interact. In general, does either have any strengths over the other - such as users having ease of access to the data they need, deployment & website maintenance?

Specifically, can anyone validate the following claims regarding WebCenter. (Read into this none of these issues will occur with FM:Interact).
- We need a team of webmasters to provide usability to WebCenter.
- Supporting it, we have to do custom, laborious scripting or effort to provide current plan (DWFs) to web users (FM:smileyfrustrated: does this on the fly without add'l effort)
- Access to edit the data through the web interface is limited to certain features and the type/quantity/cost of licenses.

Back to the market share question: I'm told by one source it's Abus 66% vs FM:smileyfrustrated: 2% (in 2004). Another source says it's approximately equal at 10% each. Anyone know of a more quantitative percentage or can point me to a better source (i.e. Gardner)?
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Re: Archibus vs FM:Systems

02-05-2006 02:04 PM in reply to: Kevin_Van

Here at Autodesk, we subscribe to Gartner and other sources of marketing data. I can't come up with these market share numbers and it's my job. Your question is very tough when you are trying to compare two privately held companies that don't report any numbers to Gartner.

Mark Evans
Senior Product Manager
AEC Division, Simulation Product Line
Autodesk, Inc.

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