*Dillon, Valerie
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Re: 1st Topic - What are you using?

02-20-2003 02:17 PM in reply to: *Ramm, Andy
We use FaciliCAD. It has been easy to learn and use and interfaces very
nicely with either AutoCAD 2002 or Architectural Desktop 3.3. The primary
developer, John Janzen, has been and is still very involved with the
development of Architectural Desktop so that ensures a tight integration
between the two products. FaciliCAD is also reasonably priced in comparison
to the other facilities management software packages and the support is very

While it is very CAD-centric it has good database linkages, as well, to
Microsoft Access, although I believe that support for other ODBC compliant
databases is coming.

While the CAD support of FaciliCAD is outstanding, they also have hooks into
MapGuide for non-CAD "downstream" users as well.

You can get more info about it at:

Valerie Dillon
Southwest Research Institute
Facility Management Dept.

"Andy Ramm" wrote in message
> Folks, I'll kick this off with the first question, which is....
> What system/products do you use for Facilities Management? Why did you
> choose that particular solution?
> andy
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02-27-2003 05:23 AM in reply to: *Ramm, Andy
We are using faciliCAD also and are very pleased with it. It is as Valerie said, very user friendly and the support has been fantastic. It is wonderful to call and get a 'real person' on the phone with prompt replies.
faciliCAD just updated their web site with a MapGuide demo that shows the possiblities for using faciliCAD and MapGuide for facility management. Check it out at

Carolyn Koehn
Via Christi Regional Medical Center
Wichita, Kansas
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Re: 1st Topic - What are you using?

03-06-2003 10:48 PM in reply to: *Ramm, Andy
We have found FaciliCAD to be a great tool, meeting the FM needs of our clients as well as ourself as an Architectural/Engineering firm. The integration with AutoCAD is straight forward and user friendly. The Attribute Extraction tools in AutoCAD allow the export of drawing data directly to the FaciliCAD database.

Libby Parrish, Network Administrator
Berners-Schober Associates, Inc.
Green Bay, WI
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