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Tunnel size, Voxel size

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by Contributor Radon_Autodesk on ‎12-28-2014 11:13 AM

I was suggested to re-post this in this board:

 It would be absolutely great if we could set

1. the tunnel size,

2. even better if we could set the voxel size as well so we can make comparisons between simulations, otherwise the work is only very qualitative and no quantitative conclusions can be made.

3. Add to this that if the pressure map colors represented the same pressure (or velocity) between simulations it would be absolutely awesome.

The three ideas before might look like separate actions,  but they all have one goal: opening the possibility of doing comparable simulations.

I know all these features could add to the cost of the program but it could be worth. Cost wise, there is nothing in between Flow Design and Simulation, so most amateurs or self entreprenours cannot afford Simulation but maybe they could afford software with few more features than Flow Design even if it is a little more expensive. But anyways thank you very much for this product (Flow Design) as it still works for an initial qualitative assessment.

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by arjungk92 on ‎01-21-2014 01:16 PM
It would be a helpful addition if we could get lift values and lift graphs along with drag. I was surprised not to see such a utility in a software developed for wind tunnel testing of models. It would be of immense use especially when it comes to automobile and aircraft based models..
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Add support for Flow Design on Mac OSX

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by Employee on ‎01-07-2014 07:41 AM

When Flow Design was available through Autodesk Labs, we were able to support usage on Mac OSX. However the vast majority of our Labs users ran Falcon on Windows machines. Accordingly, we focused on the Windows version for the first release of Flow Design.


Is there still interest in having Flow Design available as an app that runs on Mac OSX? If so, let us know by voting on this idea and provide any other details in the message area below.




Status: Implemented
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Status: Accepted
by jabi on ‎02-12-2014 02:56 PM

Please make Flow Design scriptable. In particular, make it available through Autodesk Dynamo so we can do cool parametric runs with it and change the shape of the tested building/object parametrically to achieve certain targets. This could be a killer app for the performance-based parametric design community.

Status: Accepted
Thanks for the suggestion. What exactly do you want to script? I assume you'll want to repeat a specific kind of setup or group of setups? what data do you need to get out?
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Snap to ground

Status: Under Review
by gpktm on ‎01-26-2014 07:20 PM

I think this feature is a must. Add a simple button or command that snaps the loaded object on the ground. Every time I add a vehicle to Flow Design is lifted of the ground and to adjust the wind tunnel area is extremely hard, especially in Flow Design. While was still Falcon, in the latest versions you could change to orthographic mode and ajust the wind tunnel somehow more easily, but in Flow Design, even when I change the view to rothographic, the wind tunnel box remains in persective and is impossible to accurately adjust the wind tunnel box.

Status: Under Review
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I wish this software be more advance with following factors: (& am confident that this will be in coming Future)

It should address prediction of processes involving Fluid flow, Heat & Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction & Combustion. This will use laws of physics i.e. Conservation of mass, momentum, energy.

Post processing should include Velocity, Pressure, areas of Turbulence (Reynolds Number), Lift & Drag, Vector Plot, Contour Plot, Streamlines & iso-surfaces. 3D Vector results should be available.

Not only Aerodynamic but also Hydrodynamics should be available. It will work not only on stationary objects but also on moving objects (So that real life scenarios can be analyzed). 


Please hit Kudos if you also agree with this.

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When Flow Design was available through Autodesk Labs, we were able to support usage within AutoCAD similar to how it is integrated with Inventor. However the standalone, Inventor, and Revit versions were far more popluar amongst our users. Accordingly, we focused on these versions for the first release of Flow Design.


Is there still interest in having Flow Design available inside of AutoCAD? If so, let us know by voting on this idea and provide any other details in the message area below.




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Lift and moment coefficients, Reynolds number

by alexander.velliaris on ‎02-16-2014 05:36 PM - last edited on ‎02-16-2014 05:39 PM |

Hi there,


Student using this software here. It's very nice and easy on the computation, and makes some nice looking figures/ videos. However, I would really like to see:


-Lift coefficient plot

-Moment coefficient (which we could specify the axis about ourselves)

-Reynolds number reporting

-Temperature and fluid density user variability

-Pressure distribution plot

-Inclusion of GPU Compute (OpenGL and CUDA) to ease the CPU load and take advantage of GPU power for streamline and mesh calculations (if it isn't already) 


Sorry if some of these things can be done, I'm a student! Also, not sure if this is my fault, but the models are always floating above the ground a bit. It would be nice if they came coincident with the floor on import, and then we could move them around ourselves if need be. 


I guess a lot of this can be done on Simulation CFD, which I will try to start using soon :smileytongue:


Thanks! It's still nifty software anyways, great way to show off a design. 

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My simulation has converged, but I want to leave the program open to determine which visualizations I want to save out.  During this time my CPU is using 50% which isn't necessary anymore and is waste of computer resources and power consumption.


Adding a pause button would relive strain on my computer for other tasks once the simulation has stablized.

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Add ability to simulate water flow

by Contributor tenmaryjan on ‎01-15-2014 11:39 AM

Flow Design allows for an intuitive airflow simulation. It would be great if it could also simulate surface water flow in and around objects.

I can definitely see this being applied to river analysis.

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Currently we have the following options for preserving settings for Flow Design


1) In Flow Design for Inventor and Flow Design for Revit, settings are preserved within a session. If you turn off and then turn back on FLow Design inside those CAD packages, settings are maintained. But if you close Revit or Inventor (ie you end the session) you no longer have those settings.

2) In Flow Design standalone, you can export an FDZ file which saves the geometry and setup. You can recall those FDZ files in later sessions of Flow Design standalone.


We have heard some feedback from users who want to save settings between different sessions of Inventor. You would be able to use Flow Design on a model in Inventor, close Inventor, and then re-use those same settings on a new session of Inventor later on. Give this idea kudos  if you'd also like to see this.

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Cp values ?

by 373458 on ‎02-08-2014 08:14 AM

 Cp values surface plot would be very useful .

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Connection from Alias to Flow Design

by Employee on ‎01-07-2014 07:49 AM

In the early days of Project Falcon, users were able to go directly from a model in Autodesk Alias to a wind tunnel simulation without having to manually save out a file. In fact in the original release of Falcon the only workflow that was offered was through Alias.


Over time we opened up other Falcon workflows by adding translators that could read in many file types from other CAD packages. The response was great, but we are looking to understand if there is still interest in the original connection with Alias.


If you would like to see a workflow where you could go straight from a model in Alias to a wind tunnel simulation of that same model in Flow Design, let us know by voting for this idea.




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Net force on a solar panel array

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor Billduck on ‎12-18-2014 12:26 PM

It would be particularly useful if in using Flow Design with in Inventor Pro, that the net forces be available for an object. For example, In stress analysis  in Inventor, you can probe for the value of stress at different locations. I realize that a net force on an object is the integral of the pressure distribution over an area. Short of getting a net force on an object, being able to probe for different pressures over the area, and then do the integration manually.

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Sketchpad with Autocad

Status: New Idea
by claudiomf9 on ‎12-08-2014 04:35 PM

Good night,


I'm writting to Autodesk to prupose an idea that i think it would change the vision of the few Architects that are not using your produt, because they strongly believe (only) in hand drawing. I believe in that because i'm (still) one of them.


Well i'm very pationate about my profession, and everything that's connected to it. I'm finishing my Masters degree in Faculdade de Arquitectura do Porto, in Portugal.And Just like a lot of people nowadays, all we work on Autocad for perfection on drawings, but not all of us love it. Because our real pation is hand drawing. And we're still using it, because of a lot of reasons, it brings more movement, expression, and let's us more connected to what we're doing. That doesn't need to end with Autocad. I bought a sketchpad, and i tried to work with it in Autocad, well, it's not bad, but it could be amazingly perfet with the right software connecting both worlds.And that's a thing i would love to be a part of. Because our world is connected to the computers whatever happens, but there are some pleasent things that should never end.

Don´t get me wrong, Autocad it's indispensable, but in the world of Architecture i think that a little adjustment would make the difference.

Thank you for your time.


Cláudio Fernandes

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I think this could be really useful to have orthographic views possible. if i click the right face on the view cube it zooms my model way out, by the time i zoom in on it its in perspective and i cant get a decent look of what i am trying to compare.


Also I find orbiting the camera around the simulation really frustrating. if you orbit left and right, then up and down its likely that your model is now sitting at an odd angle. I'd prefer if this had an orbiting capability more like 3dsmax or maya.


For moving the plane, you click on the little ball and drag it along the line. I find this too precice. if the line is on a 80 degree down slope relative to my screen i need to drag the ball directly along this line. I would like it if just by dragging it up or down it will move along the line relative to where your mouse is. this would be similar to how in 3dsmax if you click the move arrow to move your object upwards, while you have your mouse clicked you can move your mouse anywhere in the world and it will move up and down in the world based upon the up/down position of your mouse. This would make using this feature much easier as you can focus on your model rather than on the little ball you're sliding

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Adicionar a funcioanlidade de simular o vento entrando através das aberturas de portas e janelas e visualizar o vento passando pelo modelo BIM. Permitiria visualizar a ventilação cruzada e os efeito de condução como chaminés e ventures. Além de constatar areas de baixa pressão internas em forros e telhados.



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Control Range of Drag Plot

by Product Support on ‎01-23-2014 10:28 AM

Currently the time range of the plot changes and you don't see the full history which makes it difficult to judge convergence.  I would like to be able to specificy the range of that plot and have it by default always start from 0.

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Change Vector Distribution

by Product Support on ‎01-23-2014 09:33 AM

Currently you only have the default distrubution of vectors.

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