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04-11-2011 12:07 PM
Hi All,

Here is an updated version of the FBX SDK FAQ, to go with new release 2012.1.
Please take a look at the attached (zipped) pdf file.
Due to space restrictions on the AREA, only the questions are posted here. Find the answers in the pdf file.

Maya Data Platform

1. FBX SDK Libraries, Licensing, Avaibility
1.1 Is the FBX SDK covered by the GPL license?
1.2 Can I redistribute the FBX SDK?
1.3 Is there source code available?
1.4 Where do I get the latest release?
1.5 Is there a FBX SDK DLL?
1.6 Is there a FBX SDK for iPhone/ARM architecture?
1.7 How can I get a custom version of the FBX SDK?
1.8 Where can I get more help?

2. High level questions
2.1 Does FBX support references to other FBX files?
2.2 Can I load a FBX scene from a memory stream?
2.3 Is FBX thread-safe?
2.4 I get error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “kFbxClassId”
2.5 What is the value of _SECURE_SCL in the FBX SDK?
2.6 How do I import an FBX file?
2.7 How do I export an FBX file?
2.8 What are available viewers for the FBX file format?
2.9 How can I convert an OBJ, 3DS, or Collada file to FBX?
2.10 Why can’t I get materials from an FBX file exported from Revit?

3. Transforms and Conversions
3.1 Why doesn’t ConvertScene() modify any vertices?
3.2 My scene is scaled improperly after unit conversion, what can I do?
3.3 How can I use the Unroll filter to work around gimbal locks?
3.4 How do I get the global transformation matrix of a node?
3.5 How do I get the local transformation matrix of a node?
3.6 How can I directly set the global transformation matrix of a node?
3.7 How do I use KFbxNode::ConvertPivotAnimationRecursive()?
3.8 How do I use KFbxNode::ResetPivotSetAndConvertAnimation()?
3.9 Why are the new settings I applied to the node pivots not accounted for by the evaluation?
3.10 Why does KFbxXMatrix::GetR() always returns Euler angles in the XYZ order?
3.11 How can I compute a bind pose using cluster information?
3.12 How do I convert a scene to left-handed?
3.13 How can I find the coordinates of the control points affected by a cluster in the local space of a link node?

4. Technical questions
4.1 How can I merge 2 scenes?
4.2 Is there a function that displays the full scene path of a node?
4.3 What about cloning issues?
4.4 How do I get all the objects of a certain type (for example KFbxMesh) in a scene?
4.5 How do I get an object which the FBX SDK doesn't know?
4.6 Does FBX SDK support instancing?
4.7 Why does KTime have strange values like 1385584740000?
4.8 How do I correctly get/set the number of frames and the frame rate in a FBX file?
4.9 Is there a way to control the “Alpha Is Luminance” setting of a LayeredTexture node?