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FBX import...FBX vs DAE

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01-17-2013 04:13 PM
Hi when importing files from SketchUp...DAE files are far more superior than FBX files.

I've noticed that:

1) FBX_DAE supports instances. FBX does not. Thus fbx files are 45mb where the fbx_dae files are 10mb.
2) FBX imports with multiple materials that are duplicates. fbx_dae imports materials correctly
3) scale is always correct with fbx_dae. fbx is incorrect

THe only thing that FBX does better than FBX_Dae is that it groups objects under groups rather than fbx_dae which will group and parent mesh nodes rather than using groups.

It will also import objects with multiple materials as one object whereas fbx_dae splits these into multiple objects which is a right pain.

My question for this thread is, who is responsible for developing the fbx_dae import plugin for Maya? Should I be talking to trimble or Autodesk?

I'm only requesting that fbx_dae imports geometry the same way as fbx does in terms of grouping mesh under group nodes, not grouping objects under mesh nodes. That would be perfect!