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3ds / Maya to Showcase - fbx scale problem

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12-04-2008 09:40 AM
Hi There,
I have a scaling problem when taking an FBX file of geometry from Autodesk Showcase, adding animation in either Maya or 3DS Max, and bringing the animation info back into Showcase, via an FBX export.
The simple animation moves are coming across, what looks like, 10x scaled up. I've tried various unit settings in the FBX export, but whatever I do, I still get the same problem.
Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike
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Re: 3ds / Maya to Showcase - fbx scale problem

12-05-2008 10:42 PM in reply to: Mike Elam
Hi Mike,

What are your system units settings set to in 3ds Max? From what I know of Showcase and most other M&E products from Autodesk are set to Centimeters system units. 3ds Max is set to Inches. To simplify things and avoid unit conversion issues, I tend to switch 3ds Max to CM as the system units (not referring to display units). This allows for the exported files' units to remain 1:1 and not converted. This might improve your workflow. The importer for Showcase is older than our exporters for 3ds Max and Maya, so you might want to choose to export to an older version from the 3ds Max exporter, like version 2006.11.2 (on export, choose ADVANCED OPTIONS > FBX FILE FORMAT > FBX VERSION: FBX200611). If this doesn't help, please let me know.

Trevor Adams
Autodesk FBX QA