FAQ & How To: Using Autodesk Discussion Groups

FAQ & How To: Using Autodesk Discussion Groups

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Community Knowledge Base FAQs

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03-01-2013 08:42 AM

If you’ve gone to the forums homepage today you might’ve seen a new link on the right-hand sidebar. If you haven’t, go ahead and check it out now, we’ll wait.


Back? Did you see it? It’s a link to the new Community Knowledge Base we’ve launched to shine some light on the valuable conversations you users are having here. The Community Knowledge Base (lovingly known as the CKB) is a repository for helpful articles created from forum threads. When we find a particular thread that’s received a lot of attention or is just stuffed to the brim with useful information, we’ll turn it into a CKB article that is concise and easily digestible.


You’ve probably got a few questions about the CKB, and we’re happy to answer them. Here are a few answers to some common questions we’ve already heard, and if you’ve got more, please feel free to send them our way.


What’s the difference between the KB, WikiHelp, and the CKB?




  • The KB houses content written solely by Autodesk
  • WikiHelp houses content written by Autodesk and its user community
  • The CKB houses content created directly out of community-contributed forum threads

The main difference among these libraries is who is writing and compiling the content. The CKB is the most community-heavy in that, because of the way editing works on the back end of the CKB, we can pull individual thread replies as they are into the article, avoiding the need to write from scratch. Please note, contributing forum users – meaning those whose posts we’ve used to make up an article – get attribution. We want to recognize who’s sharing smart and helpful information.


How do you decide if a forum thread should be made into an article?


For this initial launch, the criteria to decide if a thread should be turned into an article were pretty broad. Here’s what we looked at:


  1. Total overall views
  2. Timeliness and relevance of thread
  3. Whether the initial question was answered properly or not
  4. If the thread had an Accepted Solution

If you have suggestions for other thread review criteria, please let us know.


Can I interact with the articles?


Yes, you can. Each article has a Comments section that will be open to you to leave your thoughts. Was the article helpful? Is there another solution you’ve come up with that you’d like to see added to the article? Is something confusing in the article? Tell us in the comments. Comments that add to the article will be incorporated into it.


You can also rate each article on a 5-star scale. We’re looking into other feedback mechanisms that will make rating or reviewing an article more useful.


Can I contribute topic ideas or articles to the CKB?


One of the not-so-long-term goals of the CKB is to essentially hand over the reins of content creation to you, the community. We have created Editor, Author, and Publisher roles that offer different levels of involvement with the CKB.


  • Editors are able to nominate a thread to be turned into an article, and edit and publish changes to certain articles.
  • Authors have all the capabilities of Editors, as well as being able to approve or reject a nominated thread and draft articles.
  • Publishers have all the capabilities of Editors and Authors, but are also able to publish articles without needing review.

If you’d like to be an Editor, Author, or Publisher, just hold tight. We’ll be reaching to you all in the coming weeks to find out who wants to contribute to the CKB. From there, we’ve established criteria to assess who can jump into the CKB waters.


Why are the articles so limited right now?


We wanted to launch the CKB with only a few of our most popular discussion topics – installation and licensing, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and Autodesk Inventor. We will be rolling out content for additional products and services in the coming months. And while there aren’t very many articles right now, we’ll be adding more every week and will soon be looking to you to jump in the fray.


Will the articles show up in Search?


Yes! You can also search the Community Knowledge Base on its own by choosing it from the Search drop-down box.


If you've got any additional questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll incorporate the most popular ones into this FAQ.

Teresa Basich
Community Manager
Autodesk, Inc.
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