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Manipulate part parameters at assembly assets

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by BiktimirovK on ‎12-12-2012 08:58 PM

When we authorize an assembly asset we can manipulate only assembly parameters (Key Parameters Window).

I need to manipulate parts and subassembly parameters too.


Often when we create assembly using Top-Down process, we manage this assembly by skeleton or main multibody part, which consist all main parameters of an assembly. There are no ways by manipulate them from assembly parameters.


Best regards,

Konstantin Biktimirov

by Employee on ‎01-08-2013 06:15 AM

Hi, actually you can drive the parameters of parts through the assemblies via iLogic.  Perhaps I am not understanding the question - my read is you want to drive change in an assembly from the assembly level - this may require change of parameters in parts at sub levels of the assembly....  is that correct?

by BiktimirovK on ‎01-13-2013 09:17 PM



Thank you for answer.

Yes, you understand correctly.

At assembly assets often needs manage parameters of parts and sub-assemblies. 



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