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Problems with Sync Inventor command

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10-03-2012 07:43 AM



I have some problems with the AutoCAD-Inventor sychronization in FDS 2013 German/English

1. I created in AutoCAD a dwg  (B2-100-0.dwg) with several xrefs

 I started in AutoCAD  Factory>Suite Workflows>Sync Inventor

Inventor creates now the different sublayouts in sub assemblies (at least I can see during the creation the different assemblies), but at the final end the main assembly has just one sub assembly (only this) several times included. The other assemblies are missing. (I wanted to attach the files, but they have 5MB and this is here not possible)

what do I wrong? Is it a bug? (I did the same in FDS 2013 English SP2 and there at least this works)


2. I started a new fds.iam and inserted the dwg via overlay (Inventor Factory>layout tools>add overlay) , but then I get a message "Cannot add a 2D factory layout as a dwg overlay....."

Is it not possible to use a DWG in different assemblies?


3. I deleted then the iam (and all sub iams),closed FDS, started a new FDS iam , added the dwg again via overlay, but I still got the error message.


4. I copied the dwg file and tried it again, same result (but the copied dwg was no where used)

what do I wrong? Is it a bug? Does FDS save any link data in the dwg? Is there an option to purge this data?


5. I started pack and go in Inventor, but the linked dwg was not copied to the pack and go data.


6. I opened the pack and go data, the dwg is listed in the browser list, but missing in the model, and it is not possible to remove the browser data of the overlay dwg.






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Re: Problems with Sync Inventor command

10-09-2012 10:49 PM in reply to: roith.engineering

Which build do you install, English build or German build Or English build with German LP?

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Re: Problems with Sync Inventor command

10-09-2012 11:41 PM in reply to: roith.engineering

Hello Norman,


Regarding to the issue 2,3 and4,  I guess the DWG have already link the 3D layout. So you can open the dwg in ACA or ACM and then Use Factory Tab>-Suite Workflows panel>-Break Link with Inventor command to break the link between DWG and 3D layout.


Regardining to issue 5, that is the known issue in FDS.The linked DWG cannot be packed to destination folder,the workaround is that you need to link the dwg manually to Inventor 3D layout by Insert Object command in Manage tab>-Insert panel. Afterwards, the dwg will be packed automatically.


Regardining to issue 6,  this is also the known issue. The 3D layout cannot find the dwg file if the dwg is not in the original path. Maybe you need to delete the old one and re-add it as dwg overlay.




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Re: Problems with Sync Inventor command

10-10-2012 12:00 AM in reply to: roith.engineering

Hi Norman,


If you want to add the dwg as overlay in fds.iam, you need to open the DWG in AutoCAD firstly, then break link with Inventor. (Please refer to the attachment)


For Pack and Go, it is a known issue that linked DWG can't copy to Pack and Go folder. You need to copy it by manual. Another way is open the pack and go fds.iam, then sync AutoCAD to generate DWG.

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