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Re: level of detail

11-25-2012 06:55 PM in reply to: j.vanderheijden

Hello Jos,


I don't think it is possible to change the name of 3rd Party. Because there will be other linked/Embed file under 3rd Party node. It is recognizable under 3rd Party node, isn;t it?


BTW: I noticed the you hide the cell A1 to C1, that is really cool. But I don't know how you do that, can you help show me?





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Re: level of detail

11-26-2012 09:57 AM in reply to: XuesongBai

Hi Xuesong



The file is recognizable under 3rd Party but it is always better to see it without having expand the 3rd Party link.

But it can be done this way with good instruction to my colleagues.


Now to the excel, there are two ways to expand the koloms.

First select all the cells and then go to, look in the attachment.

Its in dutch but you will find on the same place with an englisch version.


Second klik on the link there is a video in english.




Mvg Jos

Your drawings are only as good as the symbols that complete them...
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Re: level of detail

01-02-2013 05:41 AM in reply to: j.vanderheijden

I have a youtube movie of a webinar i wanted to follow.

It's about how to make a New Substitute-Derive Assemblie.

You can see how the levels will be linked.

In the Assemble ribbon under Productivity there is a tool 'Link Levels of Details'.

That would be nice for my flanges in my Sheet Metal part.

But there is no way that i can select the flanges in the Derive Assemblie or Shrinkwrap.

It would be a nice solution for my simple panel to sync to acad.

I don't have to use excel.




Mvg Jos
Youre drawings are as good as the symbols that compleet them.....
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