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Fabrication CAMduct

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CAMduct 2014

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11-13-2013 02:40 AM


I was recently introduced to CAMduct, so I'm still quite inexperienced to the program.

I have some questions that I wish someone could answer them.

First of all, in my company, we want to implement the barcode system that comes with the software. How does that work? Do I have to implement before a generic barcode system in my company and then use the system on CAMduct to complement it?

I also have doubts about the costing database, can I obtain a quote for an order in the CAMduct? Or it's better to acquire the ESTmap? Basically I want to make a quote print report in CAMduct,  where I can see the prices of each item and the total order. Does the program allows me to calculate costs based on €/m2 or Kg/m2 and other items costs per unit?

Also relating to the costing database how it's done the calculation of the fabrication times and costs for the items and the labour rates?

For now these are my main concerns.

I also spoke with Autodesk to get some training, but I didn't get a reply yet.


Best regards,

André Silva

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Re: CAMduct 2014

12-23-2013 04:20 AM in reply to: AndreLopesSilva

I want to buy Camduct program license. How you can help me ? Can I get license online? And How do I get my bill ? Please send me for more detail.

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Re: CAMduct 2014

02-06-2014 10:39 PM in reply to: AndreLopesSilva

Cam-Duct has a very good pricing facility and covers just about everything right down to the last nut and bolt

but requires a little bit of training to fully understand how to set it up properly

It can do both per m2 or by kg and its pretty extensive in what it costs

I would recommend contacting a local reseller of Autodesk products to arrange training

you should be able to setup up barcode printing in the printer setup in the file menu, I think its labels you want

but again you might need some help,as setting up reports can seem a bit confusing

Hope that helps a wee bit





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Re: CAMduct 2014

02-19-2014 09:26 PM in reply to: AndreLopesSilva

If you look at the Menu File>Print Layout>Item Reports. then set up bill of quantities on the top drop down.


this can be manipulated to get the best options and in order.


I'm not an expert and never been on training for this but that is how I have managed to do it.


Hope this helps



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