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Two mistakes of Thermal Analysis?

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05-05-2011 08:21 AM

Hi all,


I found two potential mistake:


1. The numbers in the table of Monthly Load Calculation use "Wh" instead of "W", but the values are exactly the same as shown in the figure. I think it is a mistake, right? Load is not energy.


2. The HVAC schedule cannot be set as the occupancy or internal gains. If it does not work, why put it there?


Thank you so much!

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Re: Two mistakes of Thermal Analysis?

05-16-2011 07:43 AM in reply to: jzhao1

Hi maybe this is helpfull..


1. Go to the user preferences and change your settings for showing your units (correct theres a mistake it is showing Wh). Ecotect is only using a simpel heat pump and COP faktor for calculating the distributing energy demand for heating and cooling loads´. Its not the same as the a real heating and cooling load for the hvac system.


2. You can only set the default operation time in the hours of operation. But ÿou are allowed to make variations between diffrent zones in the selction information.


Best regards



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Re: Two mistakes of Thermal Analysis?

11-11-2011 02:00 AM in reply to: ale100278

I have the same question as point 2. How do i assign different operational profiles for the AC system. For example if I want it on at night and in the afternoon. Or if I want different seasonal profiles. The option is there but the drop down menu does not show the schedules.

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Re: Two mistakes of Thermal Analysis?

01-02-2012 12:17 PM in reply to: smanch

Hi its really working .. its just that there is a bug in it so you cant see that schedule you actually assign the rigth profile check it out...

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