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Silent Import

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07-15-2009 02:31 AM
I'm importing gbXML data into Ecotect via LUA "cmd("model.import C:\\Database\\Data_GH.xml")" - all works fine, however I wanted to import the data in without any dialog box showing up as I need Ecotect to run in the background. Is there any command to do this?

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Re: Silent Import

08-07-2009 07:58 PM in reply to: DirkAnderson
almost a month passed and not one response - great community here.

Basically I'm writing a plugin that connects Grasshopper (Rhino Parametrics) with Ecotect to teach for a Sydney University course and since there's an annoying Ecotect dialog that pops up with gbXML import, it looks like my only option for a silent interface is to basically re-create a LUA script within Grasshopper that generates Ecotect geometry.

If anyone else has any other interoperable tips or hints it would be much appreciated.

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Re: Silent Import

03-07-2012 09:07 AM in reply to: DirkAnderson

My dear friend...I had the same problem when I was doing my master thesis. The only solutions Ißve found are:


or you send a press the ok button

or you generate the geometry directly withou imports...


so far no other "miracle"...

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