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shading/insolation calculation mechanics

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07-23-2011 03:28 AM

hi all,

i tried to verify my results for an insolation analysis of a window with different shading geometry.

i put an opaque box infront of the window and expected ZERO insolation on that window at any given time.


however, the insolation values retrieved were positive, far from zero and not much less than with open shading geometry.


what am i missing? is the result correct and im just interpreting it wrong? or am i modelling wrong?

im sure all the area normals point outwards/in the right direction and there is no hole in my geometry.

the shading percentage for the window is 100% all through the year.

inside a completely opaque box (standard wall materials) the insolation has to be zero, doesnt it?


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Re: shading/insolation calculation mechanics

08-22-2011 03:47 AM in reply to: simsc796

Model the zone with windows a calculate it,

after that put the shading element and calculate again, 

i think that the problem may be the adjacencies/mask shadows calculation


Jose M Carralero.
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