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Shading design tool

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02-06-2012 06:12 PM

Hello everyone!


I have searched a lot for my problem but unfortunately I haven't found an answer... I am facing a "bug?" with the shading design tool but NOT the usual one, which you should double check your choise before the final OK button. The tool seems to work fine only with windows from one facade of my building... For the other 3, it creates obviously wrong shaders. I will try to explain. I want surrounding shaders first of all. The tool creates that shaders going totally in the wrong direction...inside my building for example..but more than that, only the half (!) of them are going into the wrong the shaders are between the exterior and the interior of my structure... I am completely sure that my windows face to outside and that I put correct times for shading....Ideas...?


I think the attachments explain my problem!

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