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RGBE read error after exporting Ecotect file to Radiance

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02-13-2009 05:47 PM

I have just installed the MinGW version of Radiance on my computer (Windows OS) and have trouble reading images exported from Ecotect.

When I export the Ecotect example file "" I am able to see a rendered view of the space in the image viewer, but I cannot run any of the options for the information overlay (e.g. Contour lines, false color, daylight factors etc.) and get the message "RGBE read error" (see attached file).

When exporting the file from Ecotect, I noticed that when checking whether Radiance is functional, the exporter returned a message saying that the application "rview" is missing from the directory (see attached file).

Could this be the problem? If so, what are alternative ways for evaluating the Radiance image?


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Re: RGBE read error after exporting Ecotect file to Radiance

02-14-2009 03:41 AM in reply to: kzelenay
Hi Krystyna,

The standard 'MinGW Radiance 3R9 installer for Windows' says that it "does not include any interactive and visual programs. C-shell scripts are also excluded (no falsecolor, no objview, etc.)". Hence the 'falscolor.exe' tool that RCP uses to do the overlay is missing.

However the one immediately below it 'MinGW Radiance Installer for Windows (HEAD snapshot 2008-04-17)' on the same page does. If you download and install the HEAD snapshot, it should work absolutely fine - though you still don't get 'rview.exe' but you shouldn't need it.

Kind regards,

Dr. Andrew Marsh
Ecotect Support Team
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Re: RGBE read error after exporting Ecotect file to Radiance

02-15-2009 01:40 PM in reply to: kzelenay
I am still trying to figure this out, but based on feedback through the Radiance mailing list (Feb. 13, 2009 post titled "Exporting file from Ecotect to Radiance" on, I think that the newer version of Radiance for Windows (which I installed using the HEAD snapshot 2008-04-17 installer from may be missing some files and/or applications that came with the older version (Desktop Radiance, available at Whenever I change the directory to Desktop Radiance rather than Radiance-MinGW, I do not get the RGBE read error.

So for now, I will either copy and paste the missing files from the Desktop Radiance folder into the MinGW folder or just stick with Desktop Radiance altogether.

I also had to make sure that the Radiance directory within the image viewer program is set to the correct directory. Below is an excerpt from an NRC document explaining how to get started with Ecotect-Radiance-DAYSIM (available at, in which specific reference is made to setting the directory in the image viewer:

Please note: The first time you are trying to generate a falsecolor image you might get an error message stating "RGBE read error". If this is the case, you have to reset your Radiance directory within the 'image viewer' program above under OPTIONS >> SETTINGS (see also Step 30.a).

The NRC document describes how to import/export files from Ecotect/Radiance/DAYSIM. It is very helpful, although parts of it may be slightly outdated.

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Re: RGBE read error after exporting Ecotect file to Radiance

05-12-2009 03:23 AM in reply to: kzelenay
You can open .pic file with winimage.exe in radiance/bin to get the results of Contour lines, false color, daylight factors etc.
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