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Orientation inconsistencies

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12-01-2008 02:44 AM
I am running the latest version of Ecotect and am finding inconsistencies with how Orienatation is reported:

While running the programme, if a wall is selected, it will show in the Selection information tab under Orientation an azimuth angle in relation to the north point: North is 0 and all angles measured positive clockwise to the right and negative anti-clockwise to the left. (This seems correct to me).

However if I print a report to an Excel spreadsheet (Reports tab, Report generator, Model Objects, Object Details - All), the Azimuth angles of the different components are different from what was shown in the Selection information box. Now the 0 point is in the direction of the positive X axis with positive angles anti-clockwise and negative angles clockwise. This makes it very difficult to do orientation analyses of the entire building without going through each and every component and reading off the azimuth angle.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong here, how I can correct it, or if it is a bug in the programme that you are aware of and are sorting out.

I look forward to hearing how I can correct this issue.