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Insolation Analysis - shading elements that MOVE throughout the year.

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07-13-2011 02:20 AM

I'm analyzing the effects of different MOVEABLE shading elements onto a east oriented facade (as a first step) of a building in central europe.

my goal is to calculate the insolation levels on a reference window at any point in the year. ive written a script that adjusts the geometry (moves shading elements so that they track the sun path) using the OnTime() and OnDate() functions. this works fine.

however, ecotect does insolation and solar exposure calculations only with a shading mask that is derived from the STATIC geometry which makes no sense in my case.

how can i take geometry that changes over the year into account?



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Re: Insolation Analysis - shading elements that MOVE throughout the year.

07-13-2011 03:49 AM in reply to: simsc796

to refine my question:


currently im working in the "solar exposure" tab in the analysis section.

i set a date and time, lets say 8 am 21th july,then i update my geometry accordingly.

then, while having "single day" selected as calculation option i press "update shading" and "calculate" buttons.

then i look at the table showing the values over the day.

i look at the "incident [W/m²]" column and take the one single value that is provided at 0800 am for analysis use. values at different times are invalid since my geometry needed to be updated for these times first.


so then i set time to 10 am and repeat the procedure: update shading, calculate: single value for 10 am


then i set a different date, 8am, 10am, etc ,etc

now i wanna evaluate different geometry adjustment formulas, which each have to be updated as described above.

as one can see its a major pain in the ****.


what im looking for now is a way to automate the procedure by scripting an "update shading"-call and "calculate"-call which only do so for the given TIME not the whole day etc.

which are the functions to use?

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