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Importing 3ds and shading problems

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11-03-2008 02:12 AM
Whenever I create a 3d-solid model in autocad (2007), export it to 3ds and import it in Ecotect v560, the import goes alright but I get shading "anomalies". I don't understand why those "anomalies" occur.

I've attached an example. I've noticed this strange behaviour with several different 3d-autocad-models. In some models it's a lot worse compared to the attached example. Even to the point of being unusable.

I've tried converting the solidmodel to faces and import it through a dxf-file to no avail. I tried different Autocad-versions, tried a real 3ds-model, etc. One of my collegues confirmed this behaviour and told me that it doesn't occur when the model is made in Ecotect itself.

I have used te model on a pc with an good graphic-card (GF 8600M GT with 256 mb).

Anybody else noticed this too? I would like to know if I can do anything to prevent these "anomalies".

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Re: Importing 3ds and shading problems

01-23-2014 04:55 PM in reply to: denman81
I also have the same anomaly when importing .3ds and .obj created from sketch up and the same resul, have yourself found a solution besides remodeling the whole thing?
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Re: Importing 3ds and shading problems

07-31-2014 01:54 PM in reply to: arq.david.dominguez

Hello arq.david.dominguez, 


My apologies for the late reply... I have been going through old unanswered posts to help other users.


This issue is quite common while importing from a different CAD software.  It arises from the fact that some of the objects in the imported model are assigned the wrong type of element, namely FLOOR objects, when in fact they should be ROOF or CEILING elements...

The reason for this is that FLOOR objects do not usually cast shadows on the model grid since they are assumed to be elements already in contact with the ground. Importing from a 3DS file does not always convert the proper object assignment, and 3DS files import objects rather than layers (as in DXF) or materials (as in OBJ), so reassigning within the Import Window can be much too time consuming.


Before reconstructing the model in Ecotect, I would try to go to the Select menu > By Element Type > Floor, then assign the selected object to another ELEMENT such as WALL or PARTITION and see if that fixes the issue.  You might then have to go back to actual objects that are supposed to be FLOOR and reassign them correctly.


Naturally, make sure your video card is up to date with OpenGl, and it might be a good thing to have Ecotect initialize OpenGl on startup, checking the option box under the User Control panel (Crtl+shift+P > Options).


I hope it helps.


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