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How to add analysis grids for more than one facade ?

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04-24-2013 02:40 AM

 Hi, I'am working on an urban project in France, this project contains 14 building in different orientations, i actually want to calculate the solar radiation on  facades of these 14 buildings, so since two weeks i have been trying to add analysis grid to these facades, but in Analysis grid tab Auto-fit to object, tthe options  'within' 'around' doesn't work only when i chose '3d Form fit'  it paste the analysis grid to one facade but when i would like to add another facade, analysis grid take a form of two facades. Facades are separate normally. How can i say to ecotect to separate the analysis grid for each facade?

I also tried with modify>subdivision surfaces, i chosed all my facades, i subdivised them, and i run the calculation but it takes tooo long time and at the end nothing changes.

I am really in trouble, thanks for your help in advance.

Have a nice day.



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