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Ecotect Training

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07-07-2010 12:13 PM

Trying to find professional training for ectotect the first part of the week beginning July 19th..Any professional trainers that are interested? 3people, either Des Moines, Chicago or Orlando or we are willing to come to you.


if anyone knows of anyone please let me know...Avatech, Imaginit are both not available that week.



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Re: Ecotect Training

07-09-2010 03:12 PM in reply to: toddbishop1929

Hi Todd,


I'm booked the 19th and 20th, but I can be available the rest of that week. I'd love to travel out to teach your team, or you are welcome to come to our training facility here in Phoenix, AZ.


When looking for an Ecotect trainer, please make sure to look at the background of the instructor. As there still isn't any authorized official training courseware for Ecotect and not much training available to people looking to get into it, it can be a challenge finding someone who can really help you learn the power of this software. I know there are some really experienced users out there who know how to get this tool to do just what it's designed to. Finding someone who is experienced and in a position to teach it can be a bit more difficult.


Here is a brief summary of my experience with Ecotect:


  • I've been working with Ecotect for quite a while and I've successfully taught it for several firms here in the US.
  • I've used it successfully on a range of projects, for both new construction and rennovation work.
  • Last month I traveled to Denmark to teach two advanced Ecotect & Radiance courses at the Danish Technolgical Institute.
  • I  taught two Ecotect labs at Autodesk University last year and have been selected to teach an introductory course and advanced lab at this year's event.
  • I presented a course on Ecotet & Revit at the Phoenix AUGI CAD Camp this year.
  • I'm  the author of the Introduction to Ecotect web based training (over 6 hours of prerecorded technical content) for CAD Learning.
  • I'm also familiar with Radiance, DaySim, and moderately familiar with eQuest and EnergyPlus.
  • I am a LEED AP and am actively involved in the USGBC community as a study group facilitator and lecturer.
  • I've written articles to help architects make design decisions using simulation for the local AIA Journal.
  • I have also taught several 90 minute Ecotect sessions via web conference (GoToWebinar)


I hope this doesn't come across as a sales pitch. On a monthly basis I usually have a handful of people contact me via my AU account, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts inquring about Ecotect training, so I offer this only as a resource to help anyone who may be looking for good quality Ecotect training. Any other experienced Ecotect educators are more than welcome to comment on this thread and add your qualifications!


You can contact me at


Thank you,


Patrick Villella, LEED AP

CADsoft Consulting



Patrick  Villella, LEED AP
AEC Technical Consultant
Blog: What's the Word on BIM?

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Re: Ecotect Training

04-19-2012 10:47 AM in reply to: pvillella

Hi Patrick,

I will be thankful if you can help me with some simple simulations in Ecotect. I am trying to import a single room modelfrom revit to ecotect and run Daylight factor analysis in it. to my knowledge, Daylight factor should not exceed 20 % butfor mine, the range varies between 0 to 80%. can you help me figure out the problem?




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