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03-02-2011 11:59 AM

We are currently trying to find a process at our firm to achieve LEED credit EQc 8.1 Daylighting.  I downloaded the 30 day trial of ECOTECT and found that the daylighting will not work for LEED because it is running the simulation for a "worst case scenario".  Does anyone know if there is a way to get around this? can the date and time be changed? 


After doing some research it lead me to DAYSIM, which also is not yielding useable results. footcandles please.  


Does anyone know a proven process and/or software to achieve LEED credit EQc 8.1?  Any help or suggestions on this matter would be very helpful and appreciated.   

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03-08-2011 12:53 PM in reply to: _MEZ_



When you run DAYSIM and the final results pop out, once of the first results will actually tell you whether your space attains the minimal 2% of 4% DF or not - -see attached screen shots. I am not sure why you would need fc values if the leed credit requires a confirmation of whether the space attains the 2% or not?


In any case, you`ll find more information and access to Daysim discussion group at the following:


Daysim is a pretty well rounded product (As long as the setup is correct) -- I don`t think I`ve encountered any other daylighting analysis progs (related to Ecotect) which would actually state for you whether or not your space achieves the credit or not.

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03-08-2011 06:56 PM in reply to: _MEZ_

I agree with Misrocki that Daysim is a really good software to use.


I do not see the possibility to only use Ecotect for your purpose. Also  I once ran some validation simulations using the daylight simulation within Ecotect. The results were not very good.


If you use Radiance you can be sure to get quite good results. You can install Radiance for free and then export your model form Ecotect to Radiance and the results back to Ecotect again. At all times you stay in the Ecotect interface. When conducting a simulation in Radiance you can set the date and time as reqqired in the IEQ c8.1


Best regards

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