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Ecotect Radiance Diffuse transparent materials not properly transfering into Rad

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06-24-2011 03:03 PM

I am currently unable to get a diffuse translucent material (acrylic) to properly work in Radiance/Ecotect.  I know my results are erroneous because a direct undisrupted beam of light is cast on the floor surface(rendered image).   

When I open the project in Radiance CP I discover the material that had specularity, roughness etc… has been lost.  The only parameters that remain are



void glass GenericDoubleGlazing72TEST2



3          0.616 0.616 0.616  


I seem to be missing the remaining integers ?




If i change the radiance material to


void trans GenericDoubleGlazing72TEST2



7          0.616 0.616 0.616   .2 .3 .1 .5



I get a more real representation of the material.


Please help me find out how to properly make this work in Ecotect. Ecotect should be able to calculate diffuse translucent materials from the get go?


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Ecotect Radiance Diffuse transparent materials not properly transfering into

03-04-2012 12:06 AM in reply to: ScottMatthews

Hi Scott, i'm working on a project that involves exporting ecotect materials to radiance too. May i know what were the property of values? (i.e: 7          0.616 0.616 0.616   .2 .3 .1 .5)

You said specularity and roughness and etc.. (what were the rest of the names?)

Also, would you be kind enough to point me to a radiance manual that describes all these?

(i'm currently trying to input a RGB value into Radiance but it seems to be integrated with surface reflectivity)

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