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bug on hourly gain graph

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04-03-2011 05:44 AM

hi ,


if u r busy , just look at the attachment pic , u ll understand ..


i recent began using ecotect , but i think there is a huge bug , when you do the thermal analysis  ,  take a look at the hourly gain graph , i think the HVAC curve is the other way round , i e : in summer time , the HVAC numbers are all positive, which shouldnt , because positive means the hvac is heating the space . however , when i look at the temperature graph , the space is not overheated but rather to the optimum temperature i had set up previously . I did a little experiment to test if this is indeed a bug , first in the zone management window ,  i set zone A to cooling only '' as the system type , then i rerun the analysis , then i look at the hourly gain graph at the hottest summer day , well , common sense has it , the hvac load should be high right ? but noo , it was literally zero , even the data on the bottom tap varified this . and to go a bit further , i set it to the coolest winter day , then the hvac load is hight  , at least its not zero .  so .. what is going on ? why on earth do a cooling-only system need to use any energy for on a winter ??  i used 2010 n 2011.   anyone with the same problem ? please help ?



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Re: bug on hourly gain graph

05-16-2011 06:44 AM in reply to: waterskin7

Hi I think I have the answer for you. When you calculate this using cooling only.. You actually only see how much energy is potential used for cooling witin the comfort zone.  This means that there will be no gain because you have already cooled the room :-).. Maybe a bit strange but ok.. If you want to see the real temperature ..use natrual ventilation.. Otherwise it will just show the energyuse and temperature between the comfort band..


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