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How to go about creating a blast in maya (topic: blowing up a patrol pump)?

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10-16-2009 07:54 AM
hi all,I am currently working on my demo reel and I'm about 80% done.I wish to create a blast in maya.I'm using maya2009.can anyone please advice me where to start from.
I'm using MENTAL RAY with final gather.should i use particles(maya software or hardware) and then composite the blast on my scene??
please guys help me out here.if you have any tutorial or any good advice it would be very helpful.
1. first a blast
2.then smoke and all
3.and with that broken parts of wall,patrol pump and all flying around

hope you guys help me out here.thank you!!
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Re: How to go about creating a blast in maya (topic: blowing up a patrol pump)?

10-20-2009 07:30 AM in reply to: nimit
Several different ways you could go about this - but all depends on what your end goal is...
Does it need to be realistic?
Does it need to be 3d? (any camera movement during the explosion?)

A few options for the explosion itself:

1. Composite in an actual video of an explosion in post
2. Particle (sprites) explosion in Maya
3. Fluid simulation (if you have MayaUnlimited)
4. 3rd party dynamics sim like RealFlow or Glu3D

You'll also need to find a solution for handling the destruction of the pump, like Blastcode's Kiloton/Megaton or Maya's internal rigid body dynamics...