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Hair dynamics unstable at high speed animation

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12-26-2012 05:36 AM

I'm animating a female character riding a motorbike type of vehicle.

I've created hair system for the character where I used hair curves to model the hair and converted them into a dynamic hair system. The starting hair curves are parented to the head bone of the character. There are also collision spheres parented to the head and neck bones. (The character is rigged with the humanIK)

I'm using it with the nucleus system and I'm caching the hair animation. Hair behaves normally at the beginning of the animation where the bike is just taking off but after the speed increases the whole hair system starts to wobble on the head and it seems to happen randomly after a while.

Ny nucleus setting are: Solver substeps: 40 / Max Collision Iterations:20. My space scale is: 0.010. The rest is default.

This doesn't happen if I untick the "use nucleus solver" option but then the hair animation is not that good at all. For instance it doesn't wave naturally with the speed/wind. The hair is thrown back with as the speed increases but it looks too stiff and artificial.

I should be able to use the nucleus anyways.

By the way, the character and the bike are imported from seperate maya projects into a new project.

I've been trying to solve this issue for a week now and I'm terribly stuck. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Hair dynamics unstable at high speed animation

01-04-2013 05:00 AM in reply to: tankun
Their are several different ways to go about this. The stiffness, damp and drag all play an important part in getting the results you are looking for. I worked on an animation very similar to this one and discovered I needed to create 3 hairsystems some of the smaller filler hairs were set to static mode, The hair along the sides, top and mid back had a high stiff and damp value with less drag. The bangs and long hairs in the back were set to have a little less stiff and damp value with the same drag. You also need to make sure that your collision objects are blocking the wind by default this is turned off.
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Re: Hair dynamics unstable at high speed animation

01-05-2013 02:41 AM in reply to: tankun
Thanks for the reply.

Even though it does not solve this problem directly, it's really a nice workflow when creating hair systems and makes a lot of sense actually.

Interesting fact is that this wobbling does not occur when I'm using the hair system with nucleus turned off. I ended solving the problem with this method. With some good settings I'm getting decent results actually and there is no sign of this kind of wobbling.

Funny detail though; In the Digital Tutors' "Creating Hairstyles with Maya Hair" workshop, the instructor is not using the nucleus system either. I wonder why...

I'm not using wind by the way. I'm just using the natural movement of the bike here.