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Dynamic Blocks

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Multiple visibility problem

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09-22-2012 07:30 AM

Hi everybody!


I try to creat dynamic block of Tectus hinges. Bassicaly I would like create multiple visibility block:

first grip - type of hinge (TE240, TE 340....)

second grib - type of view: elevation, side and plan.


For plan view I would like create third grip with options: close, open 90 deg, open 180 deg.


In attached file I'm started working on this. For now I focus on first two type of hinges TS240 and TS340. I'm close to realize my gola but still something doesn't work correct. If you play with grips sometimes block dissapear on show as custom view. I assume I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas?





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Re: Multiple visibility problem

09-25-2012 06:31 AM in reply to: kjdrafting

Unless there's a compelling reason to have all your hinges and views in one block I would seriously consider if this is the best way forward.


With this approach any drawing containing multiple instances will quickly swell in size, as AutoCAD stores all the anonymous block definitions, and although the majority of the drawing entities will be invisible they will still all be examined by AutoCAD during a regen which could adversely effect drawing responsiveness. And, as you have already discovered juggling so many visibility states is going to be quite difficult.


If all your hinges are of similar construction but vary in size I would suggest using a combination of geometric constraints, parameters and actions to resize the hinges as required, a visibility parameter can then simply be used to control the view.


I know all of the above doesn't solve your disappearing block issue and is just my humble opinion on how to do it but I hope is helpful none the less.



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