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Linear parameters of length zero in look up tables not updating

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05-07-2009 01:47 PM
I've already posted this in the Autocad 2010 group, but I'm going to post this here as well since it may be better suited for this group.

I have several custom dynamic blocks that use look up tables for linear parameters. The blocks do not update properly when the linear parameters are set to zero. Follow this example to understand the problem:

1. In Model space, select the block. The name is BCSBP30.
2. Select the pulldown grip on the left side. This one has 8 options (6TE, 6TEPOR, 5TEPOR, 5TE, 4TEPOR, 4TE, NO TE, Custom)
3. Choose, 5TE. Notice the size of the left side of the block.
4. Choose 4TE. Notice the block doesn't change at all.
5. Click the grip again. It is set to "custom" when it should be set to 4TE.

The problem is 4TE is supposed to set one of the linear parameters to zero, but that does not happen. The parameter just stays at whatever value it is currently.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or have any suggestions on how to fix this? I could work around it by setting all of the 0's to something very very small, but I would prefer something where I don't have to update our many custom blocks.

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