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Dynamic block sideeffects

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02-01-2012 12:53 AM



For a long time now, me and my colleagues have had major problems when plotting Drawings in Autocad LT, the problem is that each layout can take up to about 20 seconds to plot.

At first we had no clue what the problem could be but after testing a few different things we noticed that plotting a drawing without dynamic blocks is almost instant while plotting a drawing with dynamic blocks, depending on the amount of dynamic blocks can take about 20 seconds.


I'am not sure how Autocad LT handles dynamic blocks but I know that if you convert a normal block to a dynamic block the size of the file (block) enlarges.


I've been building up a standard library of dynamic block over the past months and I've put alot of effort into this work, the goal has been to create a new way for us to work with our drawings, now I'mm so close to my goal. The problem is that these plotting times is unbearable and will never be accepted by my colleagues, we usually plot about 20~ layouts each everyday.

In this current state of plotting it means we loose alot of time.


What I want to know is how does Autocad LT handle these Dynamic blocks. And is there anyway for us to ease the process of plotting for us without having to remove all the dynamic blocks?


Does anybody have any ideas how to solve this or general information about how dynamic blocks work in drawings?


Much appreciated for taking your time to read this

Any solution, tip I can get would be very much appreciated.





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Re: Dynamic block sideeffects

02-01-2012 04:57 AM in reply to: AcadAdamLT

Dynamic Blocks by their nature carry more information. These do bloat drawings since each one can be unique and carries all the information even if this information is not needed.

Easier way to look at this: If you have 20 Layouts each with a Title Block then the entities that make up the Title block are being used 20 times even though it is all the same on each page. A lot of information repeated.


Found this which is what I was thinking:

Dynamic Block file bloat


My PDF plots are regulary over 5 megs now and were closer to one without DynBlks.

Add more RAM to your Plotter so that it can handle the files internally perhaps?


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Re: Dynamic block sideeffects

02-02-2012 07:21 AM in reply to: Charles_Shade

Thanks for your reply Charles.


Was reading through the document you linked, and at page 32 I found some usefull information.

Got a few ideas of what I can do to improve my dynamic blocks.

Also your idea adding more RAM to the plotter might be a good idea, I'am gonna take all this with me and do some thinking and if I manage to come to any solution I'll post it.


Thanks for taking your time


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