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Bent plates with slots... Locating connecting bolt. Help!

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12-20-2012 02:33 PM

I have a block of two bent steel plates that are bolted together.. Everything works just how i need except the "limits" on the connecting bolt assembly. The plates we use are slotted, and depending on the angle of the bend, the range the bolt can be in changes. I can set a distance parameter on one clip or the other, but have no way of linking the two. I have a trig function i could use if you could put one with variables in the min or max of a dimension, or i think i could do it if i could limit a point to stay on a line. I can put a coincident constraint on it, but the point will go past the line infinitely, if that makes sense. Relatively new to these blocks, and self-taught as it is. Any help is appreciated.. My block is attached.



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Re: Bent plates with slots... Locating connecting bolt. Help!

12-21-2012 04:55 AM in reply to: ericleach

1. What is the connecting bolt assembly portion?

2. What are the "clips" and where does this spacing need to change?

3. Why the vertical Distance1 & 2 Parameters?

4. What "point" goes infinately past the line?

5. And of all the Parameters that are in this DynBlk the only ones you want to use are the few that have been left to Show in each Vis State?


You know your jargon we do not, lots going on the will be hard to decipher remetely.

Constraints will be helpful and limiting at the same time.

I do not use constraints so cannot guide you here but this does look like you have a great starting point.

Very nice for a self professed newb. BTW - We are all self taught.

Regards, Charles Shade            Win8 FAQ

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Re: Bent plates with slots... Locating connecting bolt. Help!

12-21-2012 06:34 AM in reply to: Charles_Shade

I'll try to just answer these in order.

- The connecting bolt assy. portion is the bolts that are connecting the two bent plates. The nut/bolt on the somewhat vertical leg of the clip assembly.

- the clips are the thin profile that acually "bends". I attached a detail we would send out w/ a job that might clarify what they are a little better. These are angled clips to attach one structural beam to the other. My dynamic block is the plan view of such. (We do structural based assemblies out of fiberglass structures... grating, platforms, stairs, ladders, etc...)

-I think the vertical dist1 & 2 were me experimenting, and forgetting to delete. Theyre not on my current dwg, so i can only assume it was just a overlook on my part.

-The point i am referring to is the midpoint of the two bolts. There are two lines on each clip depicting the limit that the centerline of the bolt can go within the slot. When the clips are at 90 deg, the bolts could go anywhere in the slot. But as the angle increases, the range of the two slots that they could work in decreases.  

- I have attached a second dwg, that may help in all this. Its hard for me to put into words what im asking i guess, so i made just a simplistic but useful dwg to clear things up.. But in the dwg, is there any way to keep the endpoint of the white line on the yellow line? I can do a coincedent constraint, but the object would continue past the line if drug that far. And i have used min/max dimensions in the past, but the line i would be working on would be variable based on the angle of the clip, so that wouldnt be possible for my clips.

-Yes, i have a lot of the dims turned off. Theyre needed in my set-up, but not so much in the dwg/they will not need to be altered.



 I hope all of this makes some sense. Thanks for the compliment, and all your help. It's very much appreciated.

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